Trusting Your Intuition For Decisions & Direction

There is a reason to learn about trusting your intuition for decisions and direction. Intuition allows you insights that you would not normally have and that are hidden to others, this in turn allows for decisions and direction so that you can meet your higher purpose. Trusting your intuition for decisions comes from practice and self knowledge, the more you look, listen and then follow up to check  accuracy, the more you will trust that it works. In order to develop intuition you need to be self aware and clear of the influence of emotion.

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What Is Intuition?

I would describe intuition as a sixth sense. It is your ability to access the collective conscious mind of humanity and perhaps beyond into the realm of spirit. It’s often your first impression – if you are aware enough to notice it.

When you access your intuition or the collective, it’s filtered through your experience and belief structure. The greater your emotional clarity the clearer the message and information that can be accessed. It is your greatest problem solver because it gives you access beyond you rational mind.

Trusting your Intuition makes sense. Intuition is an ideal tool for anyone that’s in a position of leadership. Leaders are decision makers and their decisions influence others as well as themselves. This is as simple as a parent making a decision for the family. It also extends to a CEO who’s decisions can effect the lives of thousands. You are a leader irrespective of what you do because you are entrusted with yourself and living your life is a series of decisions. You have the responsibility to move forward in your life and intuition will show you the way.

In a survey of 720 US Senior Executives representing companies of which eighty percent had annual revenues of over 500 million dollars. The majority (62%) said that it was often necessary to rely on gut feelings. A similar percentage said that when making decisions
“human insights must precede hard analytics” – You are not alone in trusting your intuition.

Here is an article on intuition that covers similar points.

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