How To Take Control Of Your Mind And Thoughts

Are you letting your thoughts control you? Let’s delve into how to take control of your mind and thoughts. Most people are – so it’s a great idea to learn more about this and find out how to control your thoughts and your mind. You see your mind is the gate way that processes experience from both the outside world  and your inner world. Everything that happens to you, in your surroundings and in your mind – like the last thought you had, is processed through the filter of your mind.

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Your mind processes based on your past experience and creates a bias or unique perspective on everything. Without mastery of your thought process your spiritual and personal development will be greatly handicapped. Your thoughts are the processed energy of what you experience and as such they have energy and drive behind them. They push you in your future direction.

how to take control of your mind and thoughts

Most people spend their day daydreaming and on auto pilot. This is a massive waste of your time because you don’t have any control over your mind. Your mind is controlling you. When it comes to thoughts you are thinking based on what your experience. Your mind is processing and thoughts are created. You are not your thoughts and that should comes as a relief because we all think some crazy things. Thoughts happen to you and once you learn how to control your thoughts, you will have the ability to guide your thoughts in the direction of your choice. This is difficult until you train your mind.

Emotion From Thought

Remember you are processing energy – the world around you and inside you. When you are unable to process the thoughts that you generate from your experience – you create emotion. This emotion is what you feel and I need to make the point that emotions are not feelings. You feel your emotions. The unprocessed thoughts that you experience as emotion, is a wave of energy that can overwhelm you and make you act in way you don’t want – or you may regret later.

What To Do

The big question is… how to take control of your mind and thoughts. This becomes easy with the right exercises and practice. I teach methods to allow you to stand apart from your thought process and be the observer. Practice this and you will not only see what you are thinking but you will understand how to control your thoughts and direct them in the way you believe is productive.

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4 Responses to “How To Take Control Of Your Mind And Thoughts”

  1. Yes this has been a major problem for me .
    I do tend to dig a hole for myself
    I am aware of this but it is good to be reminded

    Your videos are very well made

    Thank you very much for your help

    1. No worries Clodagh, glad to be of service. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel – i have more video’s coming soon.

  2. Kevin Morris

    I need help controlling my thoughts. I’m at a really low place. And I seem to be stuck here


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