How To Deal With Anxiety

We are going to discuss how to deal with anxiety because this illness is one of the biggest tragedies of the modern era. The world health organisation estimates that over 350 million people have to deal with this problem. In this video I will point you in the right direction on how to deal with anxiety.

Is anxiety ruining your life? It has ruined many lives however let me tell you how to deal with Anxiety because I’m amazed to hear people – even so called experts say Anxiety is “manageable” like you’re stuck with it forever. WHAT?? Are you serious? You can actually remove it – be free of it forever!

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Anxiety can play out into physical symptoms. It’s sometimes so strong you have an actual anxiety attack. This is sometimes mistaken for a heart attack as the symptoms are very similar. Increased heart rate and breathing, dry mouth, chest pains, a feeling of light headedness and nausea. Sometimes you can experience numbness or tingling in the extremities, sweating, and diarrhoea. These are all common symptoms of an anxiety attack.

Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety, stress and worry are all forms of fear. Stress and worry which are incredibly common often indicate future anxiety. They can can sometimes be considered symptoms. Anxiety is about the factors of time and results. You are anxious because you fear that you will not have enough time to complete all that you have planned, or that the result will not be successful, perfect or acceptable to the others.

You might wonder why your mind thinks so much about a particular matter, creating anxiety and worry, when in reality that matter is not so important to you.

Anxiety symptoms, like worry often contain a feeling of danger, that you are unable to achieve what you want or protect yourself from others or from particular events. It is a form of self-doubt and lack of faith in yourself, others and the Divine Laws of the universe.

How To Deal With Anxiety

Here are 4 powerful tips on how to deal with anxiety. The 4 points below are the basis of the correct mindset which is needed for the techniques that will remove anxiety.

1. Faith

This first tip doesn’t sound like it’s practical – however it works. Faith in divine wisdom and justice. A belief that all will occur as is necessary and beneficial for your growth process. This belief allows you to surrender to the wisdom of the universe and feel secure even when externally you are being challenged by difficult situations. Of course you still have to seek to create the reality you prefer. The point is that you also need to feel sure that the results of your efforts will be the best for your growth – even if they are not your current preference.

2. Confidence

Confidence in your ability to deal with whatever life brings you. Why would you doubt that you can deal with whatever comes along in life? You have already encountered so many tests in life and here you are? Reading this means that you are alive. It means you have survived. You, from the perspective of your soul / spirit are greater than any possible human experience.

3. Love & Acceptance

Realise that you are worthy of love and acceptance just as you are. No change required for this. Much of your anxiety has to do with your doubts about your self-worth. This tends to be measured by what others think of you and by the results of your efforts. Accepting yourself as you are – removes a lot of anxiety.

4. Present Moment

Living in and enjoying the present moment. Your fears, regrets, anxiety and worry seldom have anything to do with the present moment. They are always with the past and future. But neither the past or future actually exists. The past exists only to the degree that you carry it in your mind. The future is equally an illusion. Focus on what you are doing in the present moment – that releases you from anxiety and worry.

What I Did…

Just like you, I know what it feels like having suffered anxiety – sometimes to the point of panic. Anxiety stopped me doing things, stopped me achieving what I deserved in my life. After struggling for years and failing to get help or find any solution that really worked, I was fed up.

How To Deal With Anxiety – Incurable, No Way!

Most people think that anxiety and depression are incurable and have to be “managed” with coping mechanisms or drugs. That’s just B.S. fear and anxiety is the only thing holding you back from success – holding you back from getting what you want from your life.

You know this but you can’t do anything about it and the longer you leave it the worse it gets, until your completely lost – ruining careers, business success, relationships and your family – the quality of your life suffers dramatically. Deep down I always knew I would find a way out – a way to break free and I am thankful that I finally discovered a solution on how to deal with Anxiety.

Speed2Enlightenment Method

After years of trial and error, research and personal development I found a simple process that allowed me to remove anxiety and depression completely from my life. .. and they’ve never been back. What I discovered I call “the Speed2Enlightenment Method” and I want to share it with you. In just a few hours I will teach you how to break free from Anxiety forever. You’ll discover the root cause of all your anxiety and remove it once and for all – forever.

This method hasn’t just changed my life – it’s changed the lives of hundreds of other people over the last 20 years. It’s fast and dramatic change. I’m passionate about helping people because I’ve been on both sides of Anxiety.

It’s also a good idea to understand emotions – you can learn more in this article.

Let me know how you have dealt with your anxiety and how it’s impacted your life. Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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