Find Your Passion, It’s Good For Your Soul

Find Your Passion is an interview with Aymen Fares about how pursuing your passion and / or hobby is good for your soul. From the now defunct “Inspired By” radio show.

Many people let go of their passions and hobbies – the things that they love because of time constraints or perhaps even laziness. I say, that doing what you love is good for your soul and is a vital part of your life. Don’t be one of the millions who has given up.

Have you thought about turning your hobby into a business? There are endless possibilities.

One of the common excuses people give – besides lack of time, is that they don’t know what they “should” do or that they don’t have a passion. This addressed alone with belief – you can’t do anything if you don’t believe it. Subscribe to my channel and watch the video to take a giant leap forward to find your passion.
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