Trusting Your Intuition For Decisions & Direction

There are many spiritual practices that will allow you to reach your full potential. Developing and trusting your intuition is one of the most important of these. Intuition allows you insights that you would not normally have and that are hidden to others, this in turn allows for decisions and direction so that you can meet your higher purpose. Trusting your intuition comes from practice and self knowledge, the more you look, listen and then follow up to check  accuracy, the more you will trust that it works. In order to develop intuition you need to be self aware and clear of the influence of emotion.

Developing and trusting your intuition allows you to tap into the collective unconscious and know things that you wouldn’t otherwise know. It allows you to make very fast and accurate decisions that are in tune with your “true self”. As a leader this is essential and as a human being that wants to live a fulfilled life it is imperative. I am going to explain to you why this wonderful gift is so important and how you can use it for the most mundane to the most important decisions of your life.

Albert Einstein said,

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

What Is Intuition

A standard dictionary definition of intuition includes the following;

  1. knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception.
  2. a hunch or unjustified belief
  3. immediate knowledge of a proposition or object
  4. the supposed faculty or process by which we obtain any of these

I would describe intuition as a sixth sense. It is your ability to access the collective conscious mind of humanity and perhaps beyond into the realm of spirit. It’s often your first impression if you notice it.
Your access is filtered through your experience and belief structure. The greater your emotional clarity the clearer the message and information that can be accessed. It is your greatest problem solver because it gives you access beyond you rational mind.


Why Use Intuition

At the moment your conscious mind makes decisions and takes directions based on the beliefs stored in your subconscious mind. In most people this faculty is automatic and you are not aware that it’s happening. You are not aware of it’s impact. You can influence and gain control over this process by reprogramming your mind. However when you reset your subconscious mind to put it in line with your goals it’s easy to fall short of your potential, or move in a completely different direction, to what your true self requires.

This happens because you still have a range of emotional blocks which prevent you from seeing clearly. In other words your filter is dirty and your higher purpose cannot shine through. This is often the cause of depression.

Your higher purpose will be better for you than your goals whatever they are! Your goals are usually made with your conscious mind and they will limit you and have the potential to send you off course if they are created without access to your true self.

Problem Solver

The reason you use intuition is simple. It allows you to see things and to have knowledge that you wouldn’t normally be privy to AND it then allows you to make descisions and/or pick a direction in life that is correct for YOU. It allows you to act with inspiration not from a common urge. When you act from an urge your action is clouded and perceived through the filter called your ego. It’s your ego that guards against pure inspiration.

Intuition is your greatest problem solver. It allows you to solve problems in unconventional ways. Your brain wants to solve problems in the way it already knows, intuition allows for unconventional means which often allow you to transcend an impossible bridge. The expression “sleep on it” refers to answering or solving a problem whilst you are asleep. This works because during the dream state you access subconscious reality which is not restricted by normal conscious logic or rational thought. You can solve a problem this way because your rational mind is inactive or asleep. You can do this at anytime by using your intuition and you don’t need to sleep. It gives you access to unconventional ways of thinking and solving problems. It can even give you psychic insight but that’s for another article.

Who Uses Intuition

It’s likely that you have had the experience of using your intuition to tell who is calling when the phone rings or who is at the door. Everyone has “gut feelings” about people and certain situations, this is a basic form of intuition and many people are aware of this faculty. You may be surprised at how far the use of intuition goes and who uses it. It’s a hidden part of our human existence because it’s not easily explained and there is no mainstream scientific proof to support it.

Intuition is an ideal tool for anyone that’s in a position of leadership. Leaders are decision makers and their decisions influence others as well as themselves. This is as simple as a parent making a decision for the family and extends to a CEO who’s decisions can effect the lives of thousands. You are a leader irrespective of what you do because you are entrusted with yourself and living your life is a series of decisions. You have the responsibility to move forward in your life and intuition will show you the way.

In a survey of 720 US Senior Executives representing companies of which eighty percent had annual revenues of over 500 million dollars. The majority (62%) said that it was often necessary to rely on gut feelings. A similar percentage said that when making decisions
“human insights must precede hard analytics”

How did Steve Jobs know and predict that the tablet would overtake PC sales in-spite of data showing otherwise?
Richard Branson has been quoted as saying  “I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics”

Interesting Uses For Intuition

I used intuition daily as an Intuitive Life Coach. During the course of a conversation with a client I will get an impression which may come as a picture or a “knowing” this tells me directly what the client needs. Often this is something that the client has trouble bringing up and I can then lead the conversation in this direction to help my client.

In the past I have used it for a multitude of things including the mundane “who’s at the door, on the phone and will an appointment cancel or not?”
I have also used it successfully (that’s the important bit) in the following situations;
1. Should I make an effort to sell (whatever item) to this person or not – is he interested and will he buy?
2. Which direction to take in a relationship and what the motivator and intent of the other person is.
3. Which direction to take in a business.
4. What to do after I have got myself in a “sticky” situation from not using intuition. The best way out.
5. Winning money at horse racing, roulette and in particular “two up” when the person throwing the coins is a member of the crowd and not employed by the casino.
6. Negotiations to understand the other persons intent or motivation.
7. Negotiations to understand what is truth and what is a lie. You can see lies in another person when you are emotionally clear but in a negotiation it’s often important to understand “why” the lie is present. Intuition gives you this answer.
8. Social and business situations to detect and understand ill intent toward me.
9. As a former policeman and “bouncer” I used intuition daily to discern which violent or potentially violent situations would be dangerous for me. This has saved me many times.
10. Which direction to take in life.
11. Find profitable share trading situations.
12. Hiring or not hiring employees.
13. Finding a profitable property development.
14. Finding someone (a person with particular qualities or skills) to help me with a situation.

How To Use Intuition In A Practical Way

1. Intuitive Leads

The easiest way to make intuition practical is by calling for intuitive leads. Let’s say you are targeting a particular outcome. You ask your intuition to throw you intuitive leads. Life will play out situations, people will cross your path and you will observe a multitude of things. With practice and when you are “clear” you will quickly learn which of these things are leads to pursue. This gets easier as you open to the concept and then use it. You need to spot the person or event and then you need to interpret it based on your original goal.

2. A Pendulum

Just like the party trick, you can use a pendulum to give you access to you subconscious mind or something beyond this if you are emotionally clear. It works really well because whether you believe it’s your unnoticed “fine” movements or “Jimmy the spirit guide” making the pendulum move – it circumvents your conscious mind.

Sit down and get really comfortable. The basics only of the technique are as follows.
1. Hold the string / chain between your first and middle finger with your palm down. The weight should be furthest from your hand so that it can swing.
2. Hold your other hand two inches under your pendulum with your palm up. Hold it still – command it to be still.
3. Ask for a movement to show yes and wait for a movement. Note the type of movement, left to right, clockwise etc. This signifies “Yes”
Any other movement is “No”
4. Ask a question and wait for the answer.
Don’t forget it’s all in the way you formulate your questions. Here is a simple example.
You have a choice of three schools for your child. We shall call the schools A, B and C.
You want to know which school is best for your son, so you ask  “Will my son go to school A” (choosing from the three mentioned schools)
The answer is “Yes”
However if we change the question to “Is school A the best school for my son?”
The answer is “No”

This shows that the original idea of choosing between the three schools A,B and C is flawed and there may be a better option out there. You can then broaden your search and look at other schools.

Trusting Your Intuition

Let me be very clear. You cannot use intuition in the presence of emotion. Intuition does NOT work in the presence of emotion. Most people run on emotion and every situation and course of action that matters is emotional.  The examples above in regard to intuitive leads and the pendulum will not work unless you first learn how to be present, obtain the ability to stand apart from your thoughts and clear your emotional blocks. You will be able to discern between the voice that is the real you, which is your source energy and your ego. The real you is your intuitive voice. You will now be in a position to choose which voice you will listen to.

To distinguish between the two voices use the following;
  • The voice of your true self doesn’t interfere with anyone’s free will. Your ego will interfere.
  • Intuition is fast and often the first thing that pops up.
  • There is no fear in intuitive messages
  • Intuition is a peaceful voice – not frantic and disruptive
  • Anything that contains judgement, control tactics, negativity, discouragement, pride, cynicism, shame, thoughts of “better than” or “less than” is the voice of your ego or conscious mind.


Once you can discern between ego and the voice of the real you, your intuition becomes trustworthy and the following ways will help bring it out and give you confidence in it.
1. First and foremost ask for it and look for it. This brings it into your awareness and sets conditions in your mind that are favourable to intuition.
2. Writing and keeping a journal of what occurs and the thoughts you have. Recording yourself talking can be similar. This opens a “flow” of things that you wouldn’t normally give attention to.
3. Using a pendulum as discussed above.
4. Meditate or sit in stillness.
5. Practice first impressions. Notice them and follow up with facts on whether you are right or wrong. When you are wrong look deeper there is sometimes more to see.

6. Look for signs as discussed above. Some people laugh and think this is very “Airy Fairy” and if you were raised with the comedy of Monty Python you will recognize the humorous catch cry of “Its a sign” from the Life of Brian. However your mind thinks in pictures and symbols and the outside world is talking to you in a similar way. You just need to notice and interpret. This is a skill that you can develop.

Mistakes & Obstacles To Intuition

Here are the three biggest mistakes  I have made and they seem to be common.

1. Second guessing your intuitive insight because it’s not logical. If you are analytical like I am. You have an insight and your conscious mind kicks in and gives you a comprehensive analysis based on logic of why this won’t work or is untrue. Once you learn to control your thought process this is greatly reduced and you can gain control over it.
2. Allowing others to influence your direction and decisions after an intuitive insight. This completely sets you off course and if not addressed requires extreme action to rectify.

3. Tuning out and distracting yourself because the intuitive decision to be made is too difficult. This often happens after getting off track, where the consequences and what you have to give up to get back on track become large.

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