Spiritual Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I had a coffee this morning with an old friend of mine who I haven’t seen in many years. Unfortunately he is struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I wanted to write this down so that others can see that there are distinct spiritual causes for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Hopefully this article will make a difference.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a medical condition where people have a prolonged tiredness and depression, the main symptom is exhaustion in particular after activity and not having enough energy for normal daily activity. It some times occurs after a trauma or virus. There is no known medical cause, there are however known spiritual causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Even though you are at a spiritual web site my advice is to first and foremost go and see a doctor. Check to see if there are any physical causes to explain your condition and take the appropriate steps to eliminate them – sometimes this is as simple as changing your diet. YES food matters.

Assuming you have eliminated any physical cause – have a think about your condition in a different way. View your life in a different way. Sometimes people take offence when they are asked to view this illness from a different perspective because they think I am suggesting that they have made it up, it’s all in their mind and they don’t have a broken leg or similar to show for it so it can’t be real. Far from it. It’s real and it happens in your body due to the way you are feeling and perceiving your life. Feelings and thoughts turn into emotions. Even if you are not aware of your own emotional experiences, they occur to you and they effect you physically.

causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

I have made a short list of some of the spiritual causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but it’s important to understand that when dealing with deep rooted spiritual and emotional issues there is overlap and it’s not delineated in the way I have separated the following points. In other words the issues blend and lean on each other.

The whole issue revolves around not living your life fully, in the way you want – expressing who YOU are.

Here are some spiritual causes of chronic fatigue syndrome;

Resist Life

When you resist your life – that means whatever circumstances you find yourself in – you are not going with the flow. You may be resisting change or it maybe that you are anxious and hiding away. This does not mean you can’t change your current circumstances but to swim to safety in an ocean rip you need to swim across the current NOT swim directly against it.

Stuck Where You Are

Being Stuck with the belief that you cannot extract yourself from a situation. This often happens when you are faced with two or more choices – all of them “bad” its also one of the causes of depression.


Not having any, or not enforcing your boundaries. This can translate to not getting what you want in your life, not having your needs met or most commonly you might just have a problem saying “no” to people and situations.

Do What You DON’T Want To Do

Always doing what you don’t want to do. Sometimes this and what you want, is buried deeply in your subconscious. This means you are putting yourself last and that’s not healthy.

Burden Of Life

A negative belief about life and how it’s a burden or a tragedy. Perhaps you think it’s some sort of struggle and full of hardship. If you are in-tune with the way you feel, you will feel this as a heaviness or weariness. The opposite to this would be gratitude for life – perhaps viewing it as the gift that it is.

Emotional Motivation

Emotionally motivated and driving yourself into the ground with over work or over reaction. Pushing past your natural limits and ignoring your bodies needs. This could be like some who was told by an authority figure he will never amount to anything – now he is relentless in achieving. This is emotionally driven.


Giving away your power. This could manifest in you never being right, never being allowed to be right. Not having the confident to speak up or express your opinion. Feeling powerless because you don’t sometimes take control – or understand you have control. This can manifest as resentment.

Lack Of Creativity

Not being creative or allowing your creativity to manifest. We all have creativity bottled up inside and need to express it in our own unique ways. When we don’t – all sorts of unpleasant things manifest in your mental and physical body.

If you want or need help through this issue then make an appointment with me through this web site – it may be a lot easier than you think to get through to the other side.

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