The Third Eye

I often hear people wishing that their third eye was open – well it probably is if you are reading this article. There is nothing unusual about opening your third eye – or making it remain open. It is through an act of will that the third eye will do what you want it to do. The third eye is located in the area between your eyes and just above your brow – near the centre of your forehead.

Your third eye lies at the basis of all spiritual work and without it you would remain in spiritual darkness.  Your third eye can communicate what you need to know about the different aspects of your life that maybe hidden to you. It operates as the centre through which you see the world.

your third eye

Keep Your Third Eye Open

The best way to keep the third eye open is to make sure that you have enough energy going through it from the Chakra’s directly beneath it.

(Read about the 7 main chakra’s here)

Most of the energy which is moving through your “third eye” will be coming from your Heart Chakra. It’s through your heart centre that your inner self absorbs what you see, hear, feel and touch. You could look at your heart Chakra as “Golden Gate”, or doorway to the doors all other Chakra’s. If your heart centre is blocked you will have trouble seeing clearly through your third eye, your ability to gain insight will be handicapped. Imagine your heart as the river through which all energy flows, coming up from your lower energy centres which both reflect the physical world to you and allow you to connect physically in the world around you.

We can conclude then that if you are working on unblocking your third eye chakra, it is wise to remove actions that block the energy of your heart.  The third eye can bring meaning to your life. Many people see it divided into quarters, each one blending with a specific shade or colour within the aura. If you see your third eye chakra this way it may have the appearance of a glittering jewel, composed of brilliant violet blue, red, green, yellow and orange.

Imagine With Your Third Eye

To hold an object in your “mind” means that it is being held in the area of this third eye chakra – this is where you visualise. This is where you create and compose the detail for your individual images in order to bring about manifestation.

You might call these images day-dreams, but they are really open doorways through which you can manipulate or change the flow of energy, and therefore also the events which are happening to you. To change what you perceive in your third eye chakra also means that it will have a lasting effect on the subtle body’s energy field.

Colour & Imagination

Colour plays a role in your imagination. You can use colour to influence the energy of your visualisations. Remember this is very subjective and you need to experiment your self.

Use blue in your image if you want to relax the tension of that physical expression to which the image is attached.

To colour your image with red brings your creation closer to the physical. Red can also brings healing to outworn or stale relationships, by giving or bolstering with a does of kundalini energy from your base chakra.

Tune Your Third Eye

You can tune into your third eye chakra by doing the following;

Sit comfortably and concentrate your mind on the place within where your daydreams occur. You can also sense the area around the third eye. Move your consciousness into your third chakra and hold onto whatever images you see. If you are having trouble holding a vision, paint it black. Use this as a method to erase and clean your vision and then allow a new clear vision to appear. If your have clarity around what you see it means that you probably have a lot of energy in this chakra.

Breathe in to the count of four, hold to the count of two. Breathe out to the count of four – hold two. Repeat this until a sensation is reached within the vicinity of the third eye. By breathing this way and holding your focus on your third eye centre you are “charging up” your third eye. Keep going until you feel energized. Notice the sensations that occur and how they differ from what you felt at the start of the exercise.

The practice of this exercise will aid you in the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. It will allow you an opportunity to perceive on a new plane of existence. This will help you understand yourself giving you guidance and direction in life.

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7 Responses to “The Third Eye”

  1. baah yeboah

    pls most of the steps are too technical can u further explain with examples and illustrations?

  2. Faye Santini

    Interesting read,my physic energy started very early in life Around 4yrs old , where I saw spirits regularly and eventually accepted what I see,now I read tea leaves and can predict ,future and what’s coming Into the life of whom I choose to read for,I do not read for money because sometimes I see not a good things ,so I read mainly for my daughter whom lives in London and I’ll drink the tea tune into her and give her a reading .I live in Melbourne Australia. I.was told one day that I have the third eye,I really don’t know ,call it what you like but I have a spiritual gift.I’m 60 yrs old now and can tune or not .when I choose to and call on spirits at any time when I choose to.I think I was born this way and find I can read people a sense I naturally have this ability .thourght you mite find this interesting as I’ m sure you have meet other people the same .so what’ your opinion Thanks Faye Santini

  3. Hi Faye, its fantastic that you have this gift use it wisely and enjoy it! I think everyone can develop these abilities but isn’t it fortunate that you were born this way?

  4. Bill Coleman

    I saw an Indian lady today at the hospital whose forehead had a small spot in the centre above the nose.As she walked back from the doctors room the spot glowed like an led light.When she sat down near me I looked away and after a minute looked back at her and the spot had become a deep blue/purple colour.What does this mean?She gave an incredible feeling of warmth and love as she first walked past my chair to see the doctor as if a magnetic field had emanated from her.

    1. That’s very difficult to answer from afar. Perhaps you can “see” more than others? Perhaps there was something special about the lady? perhaps it was trick of the lighting in the room? Its something for you to meditate on and explore.

  5. Greg Mitchell

    The third eye is about truth of infinite connection with God everybody has it. SELF BELIEF IN ONE SELF SPIRITUALITY.

    1. Greg Mitchell

      If you have experienced this you will know GOD EXISTS think bigger than words think spiritually thank you God and God’s.


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