Loving Yourself

Everything is your fault because you did not choose based on loving yourself the most. You can choose to apologise to yourself right now for not loving yourself more and ask yourself what are you going to do right now, to love yourself more. Do that and take the time to fill your cup of self love up to the brim and overflowing. Kiss a mirror if you have to! ?

Then while you are loving yourself, consider something that you might be upset about and what better self-loving choices you could have made before the event in things leading up to the event.


If you go back far enough and sometimes it is years prior, you can find a place where your “intuition”said “Hey!” and you probably went “Yeh…Interesting….. but……What?…… oh, look shiny thing over there….. looks better than gut feeling” and then ignored it and kept going on that path…… It is the “aha” moment when you find that time you did this! It is plain sight that what the first sentence this post is about! Spirituality is about responsibility and self love. Tough for some and easier to meditate and read a nice spiritual book, but water on a ducks back until you really take on self love…..

Loving Yourself


You got the intuitive message but did not have a priority of loving yourself that says listen to your intuition as an authority that is real. A priority that says your intuition knows things your mind possibly cannot and is showing you in advance. In fact your heart knows first, then your brain and then the rest of your body.

Why do we try to blame people instead of self responsibility? We were taught this false perception of how to interact with reality. Something to unlearn if you want peace and happiness. Our education system has taught us the opposite of what science experiments have shown in the last 5 years to be the true nature of reality. So there is some unlearning and self education needed as this information undoes the materialistic capitalist world and will not be revealed to you on the News. It is up to you to go and discover the truth and what is real and check your references on what you thought is real.

You Create Your Reality

At first it is hard to believe in and admit that we cause our reality, but there is no scientific evidence that we have that shows that “cause” in your life is happening to you from an external point of view…. as illogical that may be. At the moment it is so far on the other side of the fence that we have nothing that hints that cause is happening to you. You are the Cause.

Instead we have scientific evidence that says, your reality is happening since you are here and observing and that you are affecting reality every millisecond. There are ways that scientists have measured to see how some people can affect reality more than others. That the reality you observe is manifesting before you and is not really “existing” until you “look at it”.

What Would Love Do?

“What would I have done differently if I loved myself more?” ❤️

Just keep asking yourself this question over and over and over and it can literally break patterns of depression and other mental mind games some of us suffer from by playing loops of mental thoughts instead of feeling into our heart and what our self love says. The answer is clearer when you come from a place of loving yourself and there is no such thing as loving yourself too much.

Your Ego

There is the possibility of you loving your ego too much. An easy way to keep this in check is that true self love is all based on you and nothing but you and nothing about what you have done or not done. It’s how you see your inner world of who you are at a values level and the choices you are making now despite any choices made previously.

If any “self love” talk says a comparison to anything external like another person, this is likely to be your ego and more addictive than any drug you could take. Self love does not come from saying you are worse or better than someone else, that is nothing but ego shit dribble talk. Notice that and make it illegal and never allow yourself to let your ego get drugged up on comparing yourself with others. You can get very lost down that path as the modern consumerist commercialised world does nothing but make you compare yourself… That is the main aim of modern marketing, to make you feel less without what ever they are selling, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or social acceptance and validation.

Only compare yourself with your previous or future self in a Self Loving way.

Past ->

I can do better than I did last time, I promise myself I will make the choice based on loving myself. I will relax knowing if I do that, the future will be more loving to me.

Future ->

I can see that I am the caterpillar becoming the butterfly and the struggle of learning to love myself is what cracks the cocoon. I am such a beautiful butterfly inside and every day I get closer and closer to being able to say. Hello World! I can fly!

“Just love yourself more…..”

This is something I repeat over and over to re-wire my neural pathways. It reminds you all day to keep doing things that are based on self love.

The beauty of self love, is the happiness you experience over a period of time instead of short term gratification. It makes you the very best version of yourself that you can be. Self love makes you very attractive! Others always see that they too can love themselves when you are an example. Go love yourself!! ? and then love yourself some MORE!!! ❤️❤️

Author: Loving Yourself – Vanya Markiewicz. Check out his web site here.

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