How To Communicate With Your Spirit Guides

So perhaps you have recently become aware of Spirit Guides and their role to guide you through life and provide you with advice from the spiritual realm in times of need. Perhaps you have recently felt their presence and guiding hand, an inexplicable feeling that there is a force near you caring for you and protecting you. But perhaps you also want to go beyond this vague feeling and invite your Spirit Guides to communicate with you more clearly.

Each of us has a team of Spirit Guides around us that been watching over us since we were born. Have you ever avoided a certain location because it gave you an inexplicable feeling of danger? Have you ever had the solution to a difficult problem just pop into your head and known in your gut that it was right? Have you ever felt your attention drawn repeatedly to a certain number or word? These occurrences could all be your Spirit Guides communicating with you, sending information directly to your subconscious, or nudging you to see decipherable signals in the physical world.

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But what if you want to go beyond these vague feelings and develop a deeper level of communication with your Spirit Guides? While every Spirit Guide relationship is different, there are a few things that you can do to increase the force of your Spirit Guides in your life.

Invite Your Spirit Guides In

Your Spirit Guides are already in your life, so inviting them in is more of a symbol, a sign to both your Spirit Guides and yourself that you are ready to engage with them more actively.

There is no particular invitation ritual, it is simply a matter of sending your message into the universe. Maybe find a quiet space where you can relax and clear your mind of the worries and noise of the day. Then simply take time to focus your mind on sending the invitation with your mind. How you frame the invitation is up to you, but you could try something along the lines of:

“Spirit Guides, I invite you into my life. I am grateful for the help you have given me so far, even if I have not always recognised it, and I would like to build on our relationship.”

Spend several minutes sending your invitation, and then be patient. Don’t expect an ethereal being to suddenly appear, your Spirit Guides will respond to your invitation in the right moment. You simply need to wait.

You can repeat the invitation ritual several times if you feel that it is necessary. But once you feel happy that you have fully communicated your intention to develop a relationship with your Spirit Guides, you can start to ask your Spirit Guides specific questions, or for guidance in specific areas of your life. If you are looking for advice on a job situation or a relationship, send this question in the same way that you did your invitation, and then simply patiently wait for a reply. Your Spirit Guides will send you help when the time is right.


Sometimes our Spirit Guides are actively communicating with us and sending us messages, but we fail to recognise them in the cacophony of our internal monologue. Meditation is an excellent way to quiet that internal voice, allowing us to better hear messages from our Spirit Guides.

There are many different ways to practice meditation, and finding a way that works for you might take a bit of experimentation. At its core, meditation is about clearing your mind of active thought. This is not the same as thinking about nothing, a practically impossible feat as anyone who has tried it will tell you. It is more about recognising the often meaningless chatter produced by your conscious mind for what it is, and putting it to one side, creating space. Over time, a meditation practice will help your mind quiet in general, and not just during the practice itself.

When you are in your meditative state you may have a thought pop into your head that feels different from the others, like it is a voice other than your own. It may carry a strong resonance, and it may feel like a direct answer to a question that you have been asking. This may be your Spirit Guides communicating with you.


Often, rather than communicating with us directly via our subconscious, our Spirit Guides will point us towards signs. They will nudge us to notice the same number sequence on several occasions in short succession, of you will encounter names, people and places that make strong associations in your mind.

Sometimes we fail to notice these messages, or we notice them but fail to recognise them for what they are. This is because most of us have built up filters around ourselves that block messages from the spiritual plane, as well as our own intuition. In order to ensure we are able to see messages from our Spirit Guides when they appear, we need to clear these filters.

The best way to clear filters is to practice being present, which simply means focusing our attention on the hear and now, without being overly distracted by the past or the future, or what might be happening elsewhere. It means taking the time to look at our surroundings, acknowledge the people we encounter, notice how we feel both physically and emotionally in a given moment, and really listen to people when they are trying to talk to us.

Put away the cell phone and put aside thoughts of all the things you need to do later in the day and really concentrate on the here and now. In this way, you’ll be more likely to notice and acknowledge signs from your Spirit Guides.

Be Realistic

Although you may have heard stories of people who have a direct relationship with their Spirit Guides, and choose to communicate with them as and when they please, realise that this is quite rare. Unless you have a deep connection with the Spiritual Plane or very strong psychic abilities, your Spirit Guides are unlikely to manifest in an obvious way.

It is very difficult for information to pass between the physical and spiritual planes, which is why the messages that we do receive from the spiritual plane are subtle: they are feelings, signs and synchronicities.

Investing in your relationship with your Spirit Guides will make your connection with them stronger, but you should manage your expectations of how the relationship will develop, and be patient.

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