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Success & Depression

Depression , horrible and so common, it creeps up on you in so many ways. My name’s Aymen and I’m going to explain why I know that the cure for depression is a lot closer than you may think. As an entrepreneur I know that the road to success without “change” can create depression. Depression can happen in many other ways – nonetheless the cure for depression is the same in all cases.

When I say success I’m talking about reaching your own personal goal.. whatever that is?

The world Health Organisation says over 350 million people have depression – can you believe that? Did you know that being focused on goals such as money, success, fame and your image is actually correlated to anxiety and depression?

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Why Depression?

This is one of the reasons why you suffer and the cure for depression seems elusive.

Have a look at how many people are “selling”

“You can be anything you want to be” and all sorts of other positive expectation programs. Some of these are fantastic I’m sure. You might be one of the Millions of people buying into that vision, but you may not have read the fine print.

Your expectations will be incredibly high and that’s fine but you probably have to work hard, develop talents or skills and undergo complete change in order to succeed. If you didn’t need to change – you would already be there – where your going that is.

Most people just want this instantly and won’t make the necessary changes or they put in the effort, but but its misguided. You might be doing the wrong things – going in the wrong direction – making mistakes etc. That means that failure, dead ends, and feelings of “I’m not good enough”  will be prevalent. That’s a breeding ground for anxiety, emotional pain and depression.

In Your Mind

You’ve already heard me say “It’s all in your mind” when it comes to Anxiety – well Depression is the same. It’s is all happening in your mind BUT you are NOT imagining it. I know first hand  how debilitating Depression is – it’s very real.

When I say – It’s all in your mind – I’m not saying that to make light of it.

You see we all have an inner voice and as such we are subjected to our own self talk. That self talk creates your future and depending on the attitude and strategy of how your inner voice is set, this future of yours can be positive or negative.


Here’s the problem and what happens in the lead up to depression. Your inner voice turns into your inner critic and although many people have this critic -when you are on your way to depression this inner critic is powerful and overactive. It tries to undermine you and second guess your decisions – it’s so strong and critical – its so extreme – I would call it a bully.

You and your bullying mind are then locked into the Past. Depression happens when you are locked in the past with your bullying inner critic AND you have no conceivable “out” Thing are overwhelming and you cannot see a positive in the choices you perceive you have – that prevents forward movement and creates depression.

The 2 Problems That Prevent You Being Free Of Depression

There are two big problems that prevent you being free of Depression. The two problems lock you in to this state.

  1. The first is that you probably can’t see or register your own self talk – you have a very limited insight into it. That’s not surprising when you consider, you have about 50,000 thoughts per day.
  2. The second problem is that any past emotion you have experienced is locked inside you and serves as a present day trigger for more anxiety, emotional pain – this blocks your forward path and leads to depression.

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