How To Stop Being Attached To Things

A discussion on how to stop being attached to things. Many people – perhaps the majority are chained to “things” – material possessions, other people and situations. Learn how to free yourself from attachment and why it happens in the first place. It’s about emotional attachments to things, people and past situations. We are all emotional beings and I believe that many people have emotional attachments to many things, people and situations.

The Law of Detachment

If you are detached from the result of your desire then you are free from the negative thoughts that oppose your forward movement. In other words you need to have desire and intent to create — but then you must have an element of “I don’t care” “ I don’t need” in order for your desire to manifest. Need implies “lack” and this is the opposite of abundance. (from the 7 spiritual laws of success)

This is an episode from my old radio show “Inspired By” broadcast in 2016 and covers the subject of attachment / detachment in detail. In this interesting episode you’ll learn the two different ways to completely remove unwanted emotional attachments that drain you of energy.

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Watch the video and find out about attachment and how to stop being attached to things.

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