Beliefs – Is What You Believe True?


We all have certain beliefs – in fact what you believe is what you are as a human and it’s all that differentiates people from each other. But what are your beliefs? I don’t mean what do you believe – I mean what is a belief? Where does it come from and what does it consist of?

Your parents, teachers, friends and the culture or society you live in have a major influence on your beliefs. What you believe shapes your world and your future. However there is no truth and beliefs are your interpretation of the world.


Listen to Aymen & Gaynor two experienced Life Coaches on their weekly radio show “Inspired By Aymen & Gaynor” Giving is a great thing to do but what your intent behind giving? Are you giving more than you receive? Are you allowing your boundaries to be crossed. Find out how to get back into balance and receive graciously as well as give.

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