Aymen Fares Intuitive Life Coach NFTS Radio Interview 19th Jan 2016


When you seek a mentor, listen to a speaker or learn from an entrepreneur, you want to know that they have walked in your shoes, that they have truly experienced life – the valleys and peaks, and have thought deeply about the psychology and spirituality of discovering your authentic, best self.

Aymen is that person. Whether as an empowering speaker, hands-on intuitive life coach or mentor, his soul purpose is to liberate people by dissolving their ‘blocks’ and illuminating the path to success, peace and happiness.

Aymen has 16 years’ experience as an intuitive life coach inspiring and empowering people all over the world. Aymen’s clients have included CEO’s of major corporations, executives, small business owners, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, students, teenagers, emergency services personnel, health and wellness practitioners including an assortment of life coaches and a variety of people from all walks of life.

A keen student of life, spirituality and the esoteric arts, Aymen truly has life experience. His first job was as a policeman and since then Aymen has owned various businesses including a fitness centre, a mystery shopper program and a property development company. He is an author and his 2002 book “The Key To Life Manual” has now sold in over 38 countries. A life time of interest in health, fitness and personal development Aymen walks his talk with a regular gym routine and continual effort towards his own personal development goals.

Life Coaching is an art not a science and Aymen is available to help you unlock your potential either in person or via skype anywhere in the world. More about Aymen can be found here at his web site;


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