7 Steps To Raise Your Consciousness

I was watching the TBL Families on television the other night and was amazed at the physical effect – weight gain – that unconscious action and habit can have on people. I usually deal with belief systems, thoughts, emotion and other intangibles like how to raise your consciousness.

When a client comes to me and I want to see the result of their unconscious patterns of thought I need to ask them many questions and look to their current, relationships, financial position or state of living. Often they are outwardly successful but internally they are sad, lonely or missing something intangible. That missing ingredient to their life is often called a spiritual connection, connecting with your higher self or just being authentic – who you are truly meant to be.

Sometimes my clients are the opposite, struggling to make money although they believe they have their internal life sorted. The result of their unconscious behaviour is not as dramatic as the weight gain of the TBL contestants but nonetheless it’s unconscious behaviour that has led them to seek my help. The solution starts and ends (there are lot’s of bits in between) with the raising of consciousness.

raise your consciousness

Here are seven steps that will raise your consciousness. Those of you that have done some spiritual work before may be able to relate each of the seven steps to something else. Let me know in the comments section below if you get it?

Raise Your Consciousness

You want to raise your consciousness because it sets you free from the emotional drama that most people go through. Raising your consciousness is a process that releases you from the emotional hooks that can trap you into unwanted action and behavior. It allows you to wake up from the daydream state that most people live their lives in. It gives you freedom.

Face Your Fear.

Releasing fear is the basis of much personal development work. Fear prevents many good things happening and keeps your vibration or energy at it’s worst state. Face your biggest fears and accept that you are afraid of them. Surrender to that fear. That means accept that it’s a possibility and everything will be alright if that fear happens. If you are afraid of losing a loved one. Accept that you will survive and you will be alright. Your life will go on, it’s likely that you feel pain but life goes on and you can and will cope.

Shame & Guilt

Like fear, shame and guilt keep you in a state that is not harmonious to the universe we live in. Certain events have transpired and you have played your part in them. What do you blame yourself for? What did you do that you are now looking back on, feeling guilty for? The rejection of pleasure is often a sign that you are harboring shame and guilt. Free your self of this restriction by forgiving yourself for what you have done. Accept that the events happened but forgive yourself no matter what occurred.

Will Power

As we grow to maturity we learn that we can impose our will on the world. Don’t think of this as good or bad it’s just what happens. More importantly we make silent promises to ourselves. Even those of you who refuse to set goals, your wants and desires betray you. They are your goals and when you fail to achieve them or give up on them, your will is eroded. Balance in your life will be restored when you accept that these things have transpired and you release the emotion around failure. Accept yourself and your actions as they were. What’s done is done and you can make peace with the disappointments in your life. Violation of your will feels similar to shame and guilt. Acceptance brings you peace.


Love is achieved by the acceptance of yourself and others – others are a reflection of you.  You can also restore love by looking at your grief, sadness and loss and feeling it. Don’t block your feelings and do not deny them. Feeling leads to love and you can’t feel love with out feeling the opposite. Look ahead and embrace new love don’t cling to the sadness of the past for too long.


I will be blunt here. You cannot lie about what you are and who you are. You cannot lie about your current situation. Release your denials and the lies that you tell yourself and free yourself of this burden.


The physical world is an illusion that you as a spiritual being are born into. The fact that your are embodied in the physical, blocks your insight. This concept of “separation” stops you seeing that we are all one. If you understand that we are all connected and that we are all one, you can open your mind and embrace the concept of higher consciousness. Once you see this, you too can tap into the collective conscious and use your insight.


Your awareness of your thoughts, actions and higher self are blocked by earthly attachment and the material things that you love. Let them go. You don’t have to get rid of them to do this. The concept of letting go of these attachments once mastered, is that which will give you freedom. The material object of your affection is not at fault. You are looking for the enlightened principal of freedom from desire and this is done by destroying the attachment, not the removing the physical object.
There is some work to do in order to climb this stairway. It requires some basic techniques and principals to get you started and then a commitment to look internally and discover more about yourself. You don’t have to be alone on your journey.

What’s Next?

Authors Details: Aymen Fares is an International Life Coach with clients all over the world. Contact him if you are interested in how to raise your consciousness. Appointments can be made from anywhere in the world via “zoom”

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