How To Connect With People


What I find interesting is that many people struggle to make meaningful connections with other people. The ability to connect with others gives your life a richness that cannot be found without connection. Here are eleven tips on how to connect with people.

11 Tips – To Help You Connect With People

Obviously there are different types of connections from intimate relationships to business associates. The principle how ever are the same for all relationships.

1. Be Present

The ability to be present in the moment is something that I like to teach all my clients. It’s a valuable skill that needs to be practiced. Make no mistake that this is a gift that you are giving others. If you doubt this just monitor how you feel when you are trying to communicate a message to someone and they are not listening. There are different degrees of being present but most people spend the majority of their day in a daydream state, that means you are missing what your life has to offer you.

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