How To Cure Depression

It’s unfortunate to view the statistics in regard to depression in the western world. It’s very prevalent in society and it impacts both men and women in a variety of ways with women being more likely to suffer from depression during their lifetime. It’s a bold claim but I can give you the answers on how to cure depression. I can help you find yourself again, so let’s delve into this topic further.
Depression encompasses a mood range that is beyond normally accepted sad states of mind. Being in the state of depression can be debilitating to many people if it reaches it’s extremes and its important to fix this before it goes to far.

What Is Depression?

Depression is an emotional state of mind that has the characteristics of feelings of gloom, sadness and inadequacy. It leads to withdrawal from life. These feelings are greater or last longer than what’s warranted when judged in an objective way. If this state deepens or persists we would call it clinical depression which is the extreme of this state and severe enough to be considered abnormal because there are no obvious causes and there are particular symptoms that occur together and frequently.
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What Causes Depression?

Depression is you disconnecting from your “Being.” If you wish you can call it disconnecting from your Higher Self, your True Self, your Source or you may wish to label it by the common term of God. I think you understand my point.
In other words, to be whole, happy and healthy you need to align with who you really are. I will explain how to do this later in the article.
The reason the disconnect happens, is that something (or multiple things) is occurring in your life that you can’t see your way out of. You have a situation or a series of situations that imprison you via your thought process. You can see no end and certainly no relief. This is not conscious otherwise it would easily be solved. You subconsciously push the situation into a hiding spot in your mind because it appears to be too hard to deal with. The situation that you are refusing to look at may be a physical event in your life or it may be the feelings surrounding a situation. Usually it’s a combination of both and there are multiple situations to deal with which then makes it overwhelming and of course easy to push away and ignore.
It’s your thought processes that put you in a prison and create the disconnect. As most people have not yet learnt to stand apart and view their thought process let alone strengthen this faculty, your mind perceives that it has been trapped and your true self can’t rescue you because the cord that keeps your spiritual connection alive has been damaged or completely severed.
To make matters worse often there is a lot of emotion surrounding the underlying issues. When there is emotion it’s even more difficult to see the threads of the originating thoughts that have entrapped you. The further you allow the this state of disconnection to go the worse your depressive state becomes. The case of suicide relating to depression is the extreme of this.

Change Is Relief From Depression

So let’s get into how to cure depression. Fixing this state of mind can be relatively easy if the depressed person wants to change. I am using the word change because the answer on how to cure depression lies in action and change.
A depressed person will often say that they want to be cured of their depression but in reality they are stuck because the affirmative answer usually has hidden conditions attached. It’s like this simple example of someone in a negative frame of mind.
I once heard the following from a home owner who had a large mortgage over their family home. “I don’t have any money” this was said in the context of having no discretionary spending power. The thoughts around this were leading the person into a negative state , they thought life was tough and that they were missing out on …. (insert your luxury item)
If we examine the actual physical circumstances of this particular individual then it’s revealed that they also owned an expensive inner city investment property with a large equity position. They didn’t see this because the property was rented and the rent was paying the mortgage over the investment property.  There was no spare cash in fact they had to contribute to the second mortgage.
They think they are trapped but they can easily resolve this situation either physically or in their mind. (this was eventually done)
When this person was asked if they wanted to change this financial situation they said “yes” but what they meant was “yes, as long as it only entails some money falling from the sky and I don’t have to do anything” They know that money falling from the sky is unlikely so they continued with their negative line of thinking surrounding their financial position.
The action and change that will resolve their financial situation (there are also many other ways) is to sell their investment property cash in the equity which leave them with a large sum of cash and release a good portion of their monthly income.
They want to be relieved of their situation but have placed the conditions on it. They certainly don’t want to do the obvious and that is sell their investment property.

Depression Is More Complicated

That was a very easy scenario. Often depressed people have much more at stake when it comes to change in their life. Change alone can create enormous fear for many people but when there is more at stake as a result of this change then this fear is amplified.
When someone is disconnected from who they really are, their life and individual circumstance has taken a more dramatic turn.

Some common situations are as follows;

A lifeless marriage
A career that doesn’t suit them
Boredom in their work
Issues with their children
Guilt or shame over a past event
Guilt or shame over wanting to change or leave a situation
Fear of some form of exposure
Fear of losing someone or something
No meaning to life
Only do things for others
Gambling debts
Usually the depressed person has a combination of this type of situation. They may have all of these situations happening at once. This may have occurred over a long period of time as each issue on it’s own when still minor was ignored because of its difficulty to fix or the person not having the skill to address the issue.  The imprisoment and subsequent depression occurs because they don’t see any way out. Each individual situation becomes overwhelming and is then buried.
The depressed person is now a long way from who they really are. They are completely disconnected from their connection with a higher power and this has manifested in a life that is far from ideal. What’s important to note is that each of the unwanted or uncomfortable life situations may on their own not be dramatically wrong. It’s like “death by a thousand cuts”

How to Align with who you really are

The clue to realigning your being is by taking the following steps answering these questions;
1. What do you like doing?
2. What are you interested in?
3. What are your desires?
4. What do your feelings tell you (not emotions) what feels good to you?
Your true feelings will guide you to a path that realigns you. Of course to clear the path for this you need to first become clear in your mind.

How To Cure Depression

These are the steps that you need to take to cure depression.
It’s not as difficult as you think. You need to understand that depression is a function of the way you think. If you understand that your thoughts occur to you – and they are not you then you can progress on the path to healing. Once you understand AND practice being present and aware of your thinking process you can change the thoughts you have in regard to any particular event. This is easy with practice. The key here is you can learn the techniques in minutes but you NEED to practice for weeks.

The Process

There is a process I can lead you through that will completely change your thinking and eliminate your depression. Here are the steps and they need to be done constantly until they are habit;
1. You need to first and foremost raise your energy vibration. Doing so reconnects you to your being. This is done by changing your negative inputs to positive.  Associate with positive people, watch comedy and laugh, getting closer to nature especially water, music, exercise and meditation. One of the most powerful ways of getting a positive feeling flowing through you is being grateful. This is an attitude and on its own can completely change your life.
2. You need to learn and practice the ability to be present.
3. You need to learn and practice the ability to stand apart from your thought process and see what your thoughts actually are.
4. Once you have practiced and gained strength in the first two steps – you will be able to pinpoint the thoughts that occur as they lead to the emotion surrounding the negative situation that you are in. There may be many emotions present and you need to tackle each one individually.
5. You need to dissolve your emotional blocks around each negative situation. This is done by identifying the base fear for each individual line of thought and then changing your belief around this.
6. On an individual event basis once relief has been achieved. You can then create action and change. Change becomes easier because you have changed an underlying belief by exposing and facing a fear.
I know this can be done, as I have helped many people with different levels of depression.
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