Stress – The Causes, The Risks, And The Cures

In the developed world, we like to think that we’re generally a lot healthier and less at risk of devastating epidemics than those in less developed countries. In fact, we’re in the grip of several epidemics – and all of them have a serious impact upon our health. We’re suffering from huge levels of insomnia, obesity is an accelerating problem, and mental illnesses like depression and other anxiety disorders are ripping their way through the population. At their root, many of these can be traced back to one thing: stress. Stress levels in Australia are through the roof, and it’s not just a problem for peace of mind. With stress comes a whole host of undesirable health issues, ranging from increased risk of heart disease to enhanced susceptibility to mental illness. It’s also a leading cause of personality change, relationship breakdown, and poor career performance. All in all, stress is something which we really need to challenge and get on top of as a society. One of the most effective ways in which to not only beat existing stress but proof yourself against future stressors is to undergo spiritual counselling.


The Dangers Of Stress

Many people would have you believe that stress is at worst ‘character building’ and at best a power motivational force which brings out the best in you. This is patently untrue. While many people work well under pressure, the outward force of ‘pressure’ and the inner force of ‘stress’ are entirely different. Stress is deeply and profoundly bad for you, and science is only just beginning to comprehend the full extent of its damaging potential. We are not designed to be chronically stressed. Stress is a component of the ‘fight or flight’ reaction, which evolved to get us out of threatening situations within moments. The grind of stress which lasts for hours, days, weeks, months – even years – is just too much for our bodies and minds to take. Prolonged stress has been associated with heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, infertility, problematic skin, lowered immune function, and chronic muscle pain to name but a few. Research is even beginning to show that stress has a deep, deep impact upon the brain which may not manifest until later in life. Dementia may well be linked to stress in one’s younger days – so if you want to remain sprightly and alert well into your golden years, it’s a good idea to beat your stress today.

Causes Of Stress

Causes of stress vary, with workplace pressure being an oft-cited reason for the development of unhealthy stress levels in modern Australians. It’s certainly true that economic and career-based issues can put a major strain on a person’s physical and mental health. However, the ultimate cause of our stress may lie somewhat deeper than that. The problem may well be with our priorities, and the way we view ourselves. Modern, profit-driven society tends to make evaluations based on career achievements and the acquisition of ‘things’. We even judge ourselves according to these criteria. It goes without saying that such things are shallow, but we nonetheless subconsciously adhere slavishly to these markers of self-worth. To do so is not particularly natural, and it does not provide us with the deeper sense of self which we inwardly need in order to become fully realized human beings. Furthermore, total self-worth based upon these shallow criteria can never really be fulfilled. The modern system is one of never-ending climbing. There is no ‘top’ to reach, meaning that we are always clawing for an impossible summit which will never be within our grasp. So we drive ourselves harder and harder, seeking always to reach that non-existent goal before our fellows do. We were never designed to be constantly climbing like this, and it wears us out. No wonder we’re stressed.

The Spiritual Solution To Stress

Not only are we climbing a mountain with no achievable summit – we’re actually climbing the wrong mountain. In order to achieve true fulfillment and a stress free life, we should be strolling up the hill of spirituality rather than clawing our way up the mountain of materialism. We need to reconnect with what’s really important – remember that money and material goods are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. Spiritual life coaching can help with that. A spiritual life coach will take you out of the rat race, and allow your mind to find a place of basic happiness and personal fulfillment. You don’t need to drop out of the material world – just get a change of perspective, and learn to appreciate what’s really important. If you’re stressed out, book some spiritual life coaching now, and be amazed at the change a simple value-readjustment can make to your state of mind.

Author: Anne Foy

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