Together We Can Change The World – One Person At A Time!

Together We Can Change The World – One Person At A Time.

Thank you for visiting If you are here you must be interested in spirituality.

To me spirituality is a moving target, it’s much more than just recognizing that you are a limitless energy being in a physical body. It’s more that making a connection with a higher power. It’s about improving yourself and moving into enlightenment.

Help me to change the world one person at a time. Lets make it a better place to live.

Every time I turn on the news and have a quick look the world appears to be in chaos. People are continually fighting and insulting each other. Extremists are emotionally extolling the virtues of their religion and protesters are violently acting out the same dramas that they accuse their opposition of being guilty of.

There is only one way to stop all this and it requires your help.

The way forward is if we each – that’s you and I – change just one person.

Who is that person? Get a mirror and look into it. Yep – it’s YOU.

The person that you need to change is YOU. That’s right we each need to work on changing ourselves. Let me explain why..

together we can change the world

Who Are You?

You are an energy being, that is a spirit inside a non permanent physical body. All of your thoughts and emotions create a vibration that makes you unique. All of your thinking, beliefs and the emotional state that you create for yourself effects the people around you.

Emotions and beliefs are just collections of thoughts. Beliefs are organised but not necessarily true and emotions are disorganized thoughts that you still need help with, to process.

If you could see the effect your thoughts have on your own energy body and that of the people around you – you would be amazed.

Everything you think is a “thing” that has a life of its own. Those things or thoughts that you have resonate with a vibration based on what you are actually thinking. There is no right or wrong thought. Just thoughts of different vibrations. The closer to pure love without any interference from your ego, the higher the vibration of your thought.

Your vibration affects other people. The higher your vibration and the stronger you are at holding that vibration – the greater the positive effect on the people around you.

We Can Change The World

It’s all about you. Not the person next to you. To change others you need to change yourself and to a certain extent they will follow without prompting. Without interference and without your judgement. All you have to do is BE yourself in your new and improved state.

If everyone just focused on changing themselves for the better – we could change the whole world in just one day.

Unless you feel a “calling” to do so;  rather than running around and changing other people – some of whom don’t want to be changed, work on yourself. Rather than leaving the job you have to fight oppression, save trees, rescue orphaned kittens or feed the starving millions in the third world, work on improving yourself.


The world will change when you change for the better because the world is a reflection of you. Collectively the world is a reflection of us.

Before you worry about the rest of the world, have you fixed the following in you?

  • Have you cured your anger? Have you cured your anger in the “heat of battle?”
  • Have you removed jealousy and envy from your life – or do you just have blinkers on?
  • Have you cured yourself of the need to medicate yourself by overeating, watching television, smoking, drinking or any other addiction?
  • Are you fit and healthy or overweight? Is your posture correct and are you flexible?
  • Are you surrounded by beauty? Can you see the beauty in your life?
  • Have you cured yourself of poverty? Do you now live in abundance? Can you manifest your desires?
  • Are you grateful for what you have now?  Have you stopped whining when things haven’t gone your way?
  • Are you really happy? Do you know what happiness is?
  • Do you feel? Are you able to feel yet still control your emotions and learn from them without suppressing them?
  • Can you watch what you think? Are you present and living in the now, fully able to remove yourself from your thought process without blocking your ability to feel?
  • Can you accept everything thing that you think – no matter what it is? Are you at peace with those thoughts?
  • Have you made friends with your dark side? Do you even know you have one?
  • Is your intuition powerful and have you made a spiritual connection with a higher power?

change the world

Those of you who worry about “fixing” others be aware that this is just a distraction. Changes comes from inside you. When you make positive changes in yourself – you then influence those that are around you.

You can do this just by being you. That means without trying to change anyone else or in fact doing anything at all, other than being present.

Your state, your vibration will rub off on them if you are strong and keep it high. You can do this if you have worked extensively on improving yourself. You don’t need to “help” others unless they ask for help.

Once you are in this state of “high vibration” all you need to do is talk to those around you about the weather or your Aunt Mables’ new puppy and your vibration will help them. Physically touch them and the healing effect will be even greater.

What Do You Actually Do To Change The World

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”         — Dalai Lama

It’s all about your thoughts and emotions. It’s all about you.

  • Learn how to be still and present in this moment, rather than daydreaming your life away.
  • Learn how to watch your thought process and stand apart from it so that you are aware of whats going on in your mind.
  • Learn how to recognize emotion from the way you feel.
  • Learn how emotion is a sign for you to take note and clear a block that you have.
  • Learn how your life in this physical world is a reflection of the way you are and the vibration that you hold.
  • Learn how to make your vibration higher by using gratitude and love.
  • Learn how to be happy and at peace so that you can influence those around you without interfering in their life.

How Do You Go About Learning How To Change The World

  • Read and Learn – then put into practice what you learn – ON YOURSELF
  • Employ the attitude of gratitude.
  • Become love – its a state of mind.
  • Make yourself the best you can be. This includes your physical body.
  • Lead by example not only in behavior but in the beauty that you create and surround yourself with.
  • Be yourself – your authentic self.
  • Live and let live. We all judge automatically but you don’t have to condemn anyone.

There are over a thousand free articles on this site that you can learn from. There is a fantastic free e-book that you get for subscribing to this web site (top right hand corner) It explains in detail the way your mind works and what to do in order to clear emotional blocks.

If that’s not enough I have written a book, The Key To Life Manual that goes into far more detail and gives you a guide on how to improve yourself using the same techniques I use with my life coaching clients. Looking for more interaction? Use the links above to contact me for Life Coaching or to do one of the workshops that I offer.

I can help you or someone you know with anything on this page and more.

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  1. Hi Aymen,

    There is a lot in your philosophy as well as expressed on your website I associate with in my every day activities. For instance, I quote from your text: “Every time I turn on the news and have a quick look the world appears to be in chaos. People are continually fighting and insulting each other.” there is a solution for it but on the other side it takes time for some to comprehend it. Returning to the quote, I refer you to the link which gives you an exact answer to this common mental impediment, racism:
    “The Truth About Racism”


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