Spirit Guides – Questions Answered

Enjoy this short article that answers in basic form some often asked questions about spirit guides. Here are 6 of the most common questions that I get asked and some simple answers to get you started.

Why do Spirit Guides appear in human form if they are beings of light?

They present themselves in a form that will be acceptable to you. Human form is what we recognise so our spirit guides take that form. They also offer us the strengths and learning from the lifetime in which they take their form from. They are often souls you have spent past lifetimes with, sometimes many lifetimes with.

How many Guides do we have?

You have as many spirit guides as you need. Your needs constantly change so do your guides. the needs of a child, adolescent, adult, parent and elderly person are all different. Whenever you change the direction of your life your needs change, so does your guidance.

Do all our Spirit Guides stay with us throughout our lifetime?

As your needs change so do your guides, they come and go as the need arises. Entities with direct connections with your needs are best placed to help you.

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Have I known all my Spirit Guides in a previous life?

Entering the physical world we are somewhat blinded to the spiritual world we come from. It is much easier under these difficult circumstances to trust someone you have a connection with. The connection is not necessarily made in the physical plane it may have been made during your time in spirit.

Do we have Spirit Guides who do not present themselves in a physical body?

Your guides will appear in a form that is easiest for you to relate to, if that means having a physical body or a name then that is the way they will appear.

How would you know if your first meeting with your Guides – if the spirits that present themselves to you are not just some stray spirits and are your real Spirit Guides? How can you be sure?

If you Spiritually cleanse thoroughly and fill the room with white light before attempting to contact your guides, that will keep out any negative entities, and your Guides will keep any wandering spirits that happen to be passing through from trying to make contact with you.

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