The Phobia Of Being Alone

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Do you have a phobia of being alone? Many people have this fear and don’t recognize it because they subconsciously hide it with normal everyday distractions. You may not even understand the importance of conquering this very powerful fear.


Aleister Crowley said “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” this refers to following your true life purpose or your calling in life. It means acting according to this calling. I believe that in order to understand ones true life purpose you have to be able to make a spiritual connection and talk with who Aleister called – “Your Holy Guardian Angel.”

Don’t confuse the statement above with doing what you like and satisfying your ego. Differentiating between your true calling and what you like to do is only possible once you are consciously “awake” or have the ability to be “present”. You can then make a spiritual connection.  Some people are born this way but most of us have to work to find our true life purpose.

I have written before that desire is the signal to yourself, that you are on the right path – again you need to be able to differentiate between your desire leading you along the correct path and your Ego and it’s wants and needs leading you down the wrong path. This can easily be done once you have established your spiritual connection.

Do you know where I am going with this? You need to be at peace with being alone to make this connection.

How Do You feed Your Phobia Of Being Alone

When I talk about being alone I don’t necessarily mean being single and alone for your entire life – however a phobia in regard to that would just be an extreme extension of what I am going to discuss in this article. Alone means being in your own company for at least a short period of time and not doing anything.

Read the remainder of this article at and find the solution to the phobia of being alone.


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  1. silvah

    I have always been my own best company since childhood – well able to occupy my self in even an empty room. The parental admonition ‘Go To Your Room!’ was no threat (and they knew it). But there is a vast difference between being alone and ‘loneliness.’ Now that I am old, disabled & housebound, it is difficult to connect with anyone at all to share any kind of time, energy or knowledge (except on the Internet which is rather impersonal). Being alone by choice to commune with one’s self is an adventure….but it can be an imprisonment, a sentence in solitary if not chosen. This issue is not often addressed, is it? Thank you for this article.


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