Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination

pendulum divination

People through out the centuries have made attempts at finding out what’s in store for them in the future and which decision or path in life is correct. One of the most popular ways to do this has always been with pendulum divination. The humble pendulum is easy to obtain and often carried on the person, it’s readily available and simple to do. This makes this method of divination very popular.

Fortunately in this century (in Australia anyway) you wont get burnt as “Witch” if you do this, so have fun and enjoy. There’s a wealth of information to gather but there are also some traps for the unwary so read on and I shall explain.

What is Divination

First of all, we had better run through some definitions so that we are all on the same page.

Divination is seeking knowledge of the future or of the unknown by using supernatural means. That sound like fun to me – so of course I had to try it. There are lots of ways to ‘divine” but using a pendulum for divination is very easy and can be extremely accurate if you know what you are doing.

Pendulum divination

What’s a Pendulum

Technically a pendulum is any weighted object that is attached to string, from a fixed point it can swing. Depending on the way it swings you can divine answers. There is a technique to it, which I shall explain shortly.

Probably the most popular form of pendulum is jewellery, in particular a thin gold chain with a crystal attached to it.

I like to use the Amulet / Talisman that I wear around my neck every day. This is a gold chain with a personal symbol attached at the bottom. It works well for me and my clients.

How does it actually work? Who will you be talking to?

The big question is who or what are you in touch with? This of course depends on who you are? It also depends on your immediate state of mind and of course, how “clear” you are as a channel. Remember if you want to get really “clear” you need to work on becoming “Present”, watching your thoughts and removing your emotional blocks. If you need help with this there are articles on this web site that explain the process.

When you use a Pendulum you are at least accessing your subconscious mind. It’s possible that you are in touch with an entity that is currently present with you and exists on a different plane. That could be your spirit guide, a higher entity or just your Aunt Sally who died ten years ago.

What I like to do is channel or access my spirit guides or a higher entity like Jesus. (see how much fun this can be) This requires either getting into the right state of being or having done enough work previously to get “clear” so that you can easily access who you chose to – now. Some people have a natural psychic gift and can do this without much work or effort at all – however unblocking yourself or achieving a higher vibrational state will always help, even if you are a natural.

The possibilities are endless on who you can have contact with and remember everyone has at least one spirit guide.

Pendulum Divination

Lets start with the basic technique.

Sit down and get really comfortable. The technique is as follows.

  • Hold the string / chain between your first and middle finger with your palm down. The weight should be furthest from your hand so that it can swing.
  • Hold your other hand two inches under your pendulum with your palm up. Hold it still – command it to be still.
  • Ask for a movement to show yes and wait for a movement. Note the type of movement, left to right, clockwise etc. This signifies “Yes”
  • Any other movement is “No”
  • Ask a question and wait for the answer.

Don’t forget its all in the way you formulate your questions. Here is a simple example.

A client had a choice of three schools for her child. We shall call the schools A, B and C.

She wanted to know which school was best for her son and she asked “Will my son go to school A” (choosing from the three mentioned schools)

The answer was “Yes”

However if we change the question to “Is school A the best school for my son?”

The answer is  “No”

This shows that the original idea of choosing between the three schools A,B and C is flawed and there may be a better option out there. We can then test other schools for a possible better option.

Access your spirit Guides with Pendulum Divination

Now lets take this to another level. There are all sorts of creatures out there in the spirit world. Your intention and vibration will influence what you get or who you talk with when using a pendulum. In my opinion the higher the source the better off you are and the wiser your answers.

So before you start meditate. During your meditation make sure you psychically clean the area and set up protection. Make sure you ground yourself. Call your chosen guide or entity and wait till you feel their presence.

Before you start with a movement for “Yes” as described above, do the following to check and see if you are “grounded”;

Use the pendulum technique as described above holding your bottom hand palm up under the pendulum and let it swing. Hold it still and turn your bottom hand so that your palm is facing down. Let the pendulum swing again. You are looking for the swing to be identical when your palm is facing up and down. If this doesn’t happen you must do a grounding exercise before you continue.

Once you are grounded and have your swing for “Yes” organised you should be ready to go – wisdom awaits you! Let me know how you go via the comments below.

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  1. i have 3 pendulums. the latest one i got responses to me. it is a ball with a point on it and has an eye on it. i really enjoyed reading your post. i am also saving it as well.



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