Why Use The Tarot

It’s an interesting question, why use the tarot? People have consulted tarot readers for hundreds of years and most seek out this form of divination for one reason – guidance and reassurance on major life issues.

Divination is seeking knowledge of the future or of the unknown by using supernatural means. That sound like fun to me – so of course I had to try it. There are lots of ways to ‘divine” but using a pendulum for divination is very easy and can be extremely accurate if you know what you are doing. (from my article Pendulum divination)

It’s mainly women who use the Tarot, about 75% but there seems to be an increasing number of men who are also finding comfort and reassurance from the Tarot. This has certainly been my experience over the last twenty plus years running this website.

why use the tarot

The Tarot Deck

Consisting of 78 cards the Tarot deck has two parts:

The Major Arcana consisting of 22 ‘trump’ cards

The Minor Arcana consisting of 4 suits of 14 cards (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles)

Simply put, the Major Arcana represent major issues or events in our lives and the Minor Arcana represent the more day-to-day issues.

There are hundreds of different types of Tarot decks, the most popular is probably the Rider-Waite deck which has been around since 1909. I personally us the Universal Waite edition which is in my opinion a more aesthetically pleasing version of the original.

Why Use The Tarot

As with most forms of divination, the Tarot can be a very powerful and useful tool to help you reflect upon your emotions and thoughts. It also provides illumination and understanding. Interpreting the cards to gain this understanding is an “art’

What is important to understand, is that Tarot does not provide ‘absolute’ statements or predictions. Many people visit a Tarot reader naively expecting a precise and comprehensive prediction of their future.

“What job will I get?… and on what date will I get it? What are the names of the people I’ll be working with?”

Once you have accepted that this cannot be done, you can begin to appreciate the true gift of these cards.

Access To Your Energetic State

I don’t think the future is set in stone. You progress into a particular future based on your current trajectory. My personal opinion is that the Tarot cards reflect the querent’s current ‘energetic state’, their thoughts, feelings, emotions and projections that that are creating their experience of life. It’s like a snapshot of the current moment in time, complete with past influences and projections of ‘possibilities’ for the future.

I have found that the Tarot cards are best used to address current issues, or issues that one might face in the short term i.e. within 6 months or so. For longer term forecasting, I would tend to favor astrological charts.

Personal Development

How can the Tarot help you with your self-development, self-empowerment and developing a greater sense of self-love?

A good tarot reading should help you to gain a little more clarity and understanding of your thoughts and emotions about certain issues in your life. Most of us never make the time to stop and reflect or meditate, to quiet the noise and chatter of our conscious minds. In the stillness of silence and with a focused mind, you can begin to form a clearer mental picture and feel the deeper emotions which help you perceive your life from different perspectives.

I have found that Tarot often helps people to begin this process of looking inwards. It illuminates the thoughts and emotions that tend to rule their behavior. By exploring this established and respected form of divination you will begin to discover many wonderful things about yourself. You will discover how you interact with other people and the world around you. Maybe, like me, you will find that the Tarot becomes a portal to your journey of self discovery.

Do you have a Tarot deck and have you found it useful in your life? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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