Tantric Sex Techniques

Both men and women can benefit from these tantric sex techniques as they enable you to increase the amount of ecstasy you can have and expand the sensations you experience during lovemaking. At the same time these Tantric sex techniques will increase the length of time you are able to make love so that your partner has a chance of reaching higher states.

tantric sex techniques


Tantric sex techniques include ejaculation control. Lots of men ejaculate at the first peak of sexual energy during lovemaking and it’s important that you learn and master the skill of riding the wave of energy that comes with this sexual peak and spreading the energy throughout your entire body.

As the urgency for ejaculation subsides in you, continue to make love again until you reach another sexual peak – this time much higher than the first peak. You can then use the same Tantric sex techniques to ride this wave of energy again and spread it throughout your body.

This will enable you to continually reach higher and higher peaks of ecstasy and at the same time your partner will feel this energy and can be warmed to a higher orgasmic state.

Ejaculation control is just a skill than can be learned like any other skill.  With proper guidance you can can learn to enjoy more pleasure and reach greater heights without the urgency to come.

Tao writing on sexuality tells us that Men are like fire and women are like water. In other words Men are like fire, fast to ignite and quick to extinguish. Women are like water, slow to boil but keep on boiling.

Women have many levels that they can climb in their arousal and if you ejaculate too quickly there is no chance that your partner can achieve a satisfactory outcome as their arousal cannot reach anything close to its potential.

If you are conscious of this then as a man and a good lover you need to be able to make love as long as necessary to satisfy your woman and at the same time reach a higher orgasmic state yourself.

Two Tantric Sex Techniques

There are two two Tantric sex techniques that will help with ejaculation control. One is P.C. Muscle exercises and the other is breathing.

Both these techniques are beneficial if you are a man or a woman. They will help you extend your orgasmic response enabling you to take more pleasure for yourself and therefore give more pleasure to your partner.

Strengthen Your P.C. Muscle

For both males and females the P.C. muscle is your major muscle of contraction for orgasm, so strengthening it increases sensations of pleasure. The P.C. muscle extends from the base of your spine where it is connected to the coccyx, to the front of your body where it is connected to the pubic bone.

A good way for you to locate the P.C. muscle is – next time you are urinating try to stop the flow of urination in mid stream. Doing this will give you the feeling of activating the muscle. Later you can practice tensing and releasing this muscle over and over again so that you get the sense of how to do it.

Make this P.C. muscle exercise a daily routine. Find a trigger point like when you drive your car and practice! It will eventually become habit. One of the side effects of doing this is that it will increase blood flow to the area and you may experience strong sensations of sexual energy.

If you are a man, once you have a strong P.C. muscle you will be able to spread sexual energy up and through your body during lovemaking so that your experience multiple waves of pleasure and you will be able to make love for as long as you wish.

Breath Work And Tantric Sex Techniques

This is a Tantric sex technique that’s a lot more secretive and not as easy to master. What most men do as excitement builds up is hold their breath as they get close to climax. If you breathe slowly, deeply and rhythmically,  you will be able to control the flow flow of sexual energy.

If you are a woman try this – when you are reaching a sexual energy peak use both the P.C. muscle and the breath exercise this will spread your orgasmic energy through your body. Some women have the opposite problem and they need to focus energy – not spread it.

Try the following to enhance your pleasure;

Visualize your sexual energy running up the inside of your legs through your calves, knees and thighs – up into your vagina. This is especially good to do if your mind is wondering off onto other things while you are making love. This will amplify your orgasmic response and will help if you find orgasm elusive.

Another technique if you are woman that needs focus is to just continually squeeze your P.C. Muscles without spreading any energy. Feel yourself building your sexual energy and keep squeezing and releasing your P.C. muscle over and over. It’s important that you also relax and bear down, this will help with your focus.


Play around with the techniques they will make a big difference – extending and enhancing your lovemaking time if you are a male and increasing your orgasmic potential to more than one orgasm if you are a woman. A woman’s sexual awakening can propel her on a spiritual path. It is said that “woman’s enlightenment is facilitated by the electric charge of her orgasmic nature.” So unlock your potential now.

Men are the opposite and control will facilitate higher states. So practice, practice and practice.

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  2. i cannot understand how to do p.c muscle excerise. if you give some more explanations that will highly helpful.

    1. Contract your anus muscles and you will feel it contacting and expanding in inner crutch


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