The 15 Chakras

We have an energy system which consists of 15 Chakras. The Chakra system forms a bridge, link, or serves as an energy transformer; changing pure (higher) energy into various forms. The Chakra system also connects the four bodies -spiritual, mental, astral, and physical – together.

The 15 Chakras are visible/detectable to clairvoyants and others with psychic ability. They are described by various people as flowers, wheels and certain colours are attributed to each.

The first 7 of these 15 Chakras are well known and here are some articles that explain them in detail.

The Basics Of Chakras

The Seven Chakras

Introduction to Chakras

The 8th to the 15th Chakra are not as well known, they are explained in brief as follows;

the 15 chakras

Note: There is alot of contention about where each of the 8 -14 th Chakras are located and what they do/are responsible for.

8 – 15 Chakras explained..

Explanation as channeled by the Ascended Master Djwal Khul

Eighth Chakra

The first chakra of the fourth dimension, and is the seat of the soul. In the third dimensional chakras the earth designated number zero represents physical existence. It is solid and concrete. The seat of the soul now becomes the seat of our existence, just as the earth was the baseline for our existence in the third dimension.
Seafoam Green

Ninth Chakra

The ninth chakra corresponds to the base chakra in the third-dimensional chakra grid. The ninth chakra corresponds to the body of light. It has to do with joy. When this chakra is activated the body of light is now in your cellular and sub-cellular structure

Tenth Chakra

The tenth chakra is associated with the polarity chakra in the third dimension. It has to do with the integration of polarities—the proper integration of male and female within self. This chakra actually starts functioning when the male and female energies are in total balance. This is experienced as a state of effortlessness, and alignment with one’s soul.

Eleventh Chakra

This is the chakra of the New Age energies. It corresponds with the solar plexus chakra in the third dimensional chakras, connecting the third chakra to the eleventh chakra allows us to diminish the present and past life trauma stored in the third chakra. The eleventh chakra energy feeling will be like a wave, and it will move through your body and out again without staying in the body or without attaching itself to an area of misperception.
Pink Orange

Twelfth Chakra

The twelfth chakra is the Christ consciousness, which is a transformational energy that connects all energy forms. It is associated with the heart chakra in the third-dimensional chakra grid.
Shimmering Gold

Thirteenth Chakra

This Thirteenth chakra has to do with the manifesting of vibratory communication. This is the chakra that is used in materializing and dematerializing things. It is also the chakra used in teleportation. This chakra is also used for healing.
Violet Pink

Fourteenth Chakra

The fourteenth chakra has to do with the Divine Plan. It allows the mental mind to surrender. The fourteenth chakra is saying that you are allowing the Divine Plan to show you the way without reviewing or evaluating from your mental thought beliefs. This chakra corresponds to the third eye in the third-dimensional chakra system. It is bringing clairvoyance into the fourth dimension. It is beginning to activate your unlimitedness.
Deep Blue Violet

Fifteenth Chakra

The fifteenth chakra has to do with your Monadic connection. It corresponds to the crown chakra in the third-dimensional chakras. The seventh chakra is your spiritual connection. With the fifteenth chakra your new spiritual connection is to the Monadic level. At the fifth initiation we become merged with the Monad. This brings us to the doorway of ascension. When this chakra is operating it is saying that the structure of your soul is stable enough to handle the energy and the scope of the information coming from the monadic level.
Light Golden White

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