Mind Power

Mind Power

I want to tell you about mind power. Psychic skills are inherent part of our human nature. What is truly unnatural is to stifle them or allow another person to squash them.

The most dangerous of enemies to many magical people then, from Druids to Witches to Ceremonial Magicians, are not people, but thought form. In most cases, we have manufactured our own foes. Consider this a small list as our worst, most deadly enemies:

Deadly Enemies

  • Doubt
  • Low self esteem
  • Inflated Ego
  • Intolerance (not so much of other faiths, but those individuals who practice within our own ranks)
  • Procrastination
  • Greed Jealousy

The list goes on, but you get the point.

mind power

Our mind have the capability of digging us into a hole or putting us on top of the world. The choice is always ours. We also wonder, why, if our “powers” are so great, we are not experiencing a better harvest in this life time. Or worse, we fear our own power by worrying that we have inadvertently caused harm to either ourselves or someone that we love by “wishing” and not considering the basis for our desires and the results that may occur.

There are many cautions when working with a magickal system, enough to deter even the most willing student at some point in their practice. This is a natural reaction; temper it with this thought: I believe that the Universe contains and is built on a Grand Plan made up of more details and connections than we can possibly imagine. Magick can not be rushed it should be savoured. It should also be fun. If you become to serious, you are surely heading for disaster and will miss the knowledge of the lighter things of this incarnation.

Increasing you mental abilities can be done through education and practice- two rather dull words. Here are some fun things you can do to increase your mental powers.


Mind power works if you can focus properly. To focus, imagine that there are two perfect circles of energy, one on each side of the object or person. Take your index fingers and hold them out so that they are pointing directly in front of you. In the air, take your right finger and draw a circle clockwise. At the same time, let your left index finger draw a counterclockwise circle. This what you should imagin when you begin to focus-two circles moving in opposite directions.
Now bring the circle together slowly, until one is on top of the other as you reach the middle of the object. Imagine you can hear the vibration of energy. When both circles come together, they will now move in unison in a clockwise direction over the object. It is now when you interject your thoughts to obtain what you desire.

Fixing Machinery without Your Hands

This is great practice and you don’t have to be capable of taking the machine apart and putting it back together again. In fact, it is better if you don’t know the details of h0w the machine is supposed to work- only that it works when you flip the button, turn the key, etc.
Let’s say that the neighbors car will not start. Stand or sit perfectly still. Close your eyes and imagine that all the parts of the engine that are supposed to work in perfect condition. Put yourself in “tune” with the engine. Visualize it running and hear the sound that it will make (this is very important). Then, forget about it. The car will usually start-maybe not immediately, but you will have a high rate of sucess. This works with computers, printers, chain saws, lawn mowers, microwaves, etc.

Finding your Personal Parking Space

Nobody likes to walk a mile from the parking lot to the store or all. As you get into the car, envision where you wish to park. First row, second, etc. Visualize only the empty space.

Finding Lost Articles

Visualize the item that is lost. Surround it with golden light and attach a silver cord to it. Mentally draw the cord toward you until the object is in your hand. Forget about it.The object should show up in the next hour or so, but it could take much longer. Just forget about it. If its supposed to come back to you, it will. If you feel you were not focusing properly, do it again at a later date.

One note here: gems and stones should never be considered lost. When you have outgrown them, they pass on to others who need them more. Never be unhappy over the loss of a crystal or other favorite gem. Know it has gone to where is needed most.

Traffic Light

Here is a little rhyme to use before you get in the car or when you’ve been stuck at the fifth red light and you have to be somewhere twenty lights away, ten minutes ago.
“Count of one, this spell’s begun, Count of two, all traffic lights in tune. Count of three, all lights stay green for me! One…two…three!”

Hit the steering wheely lightly three times with your open right hand and say:
“So mote it be!”
Visualize green traffic light all along your route, then drive and forget about it.

Getting Unstuck in the Snow or Mud

Don’t grind the engine. As you move from reverse to drive, gently rocking the car and easing on the gas pedal, imagine that four huge polar bears are tethered to the front of your car with a heavy silver cable for snow, or four mastodons for mud. See them pulling your vehicle to freedom.

Protecting Yourself at Blind Intersections

There are times when all of us hold our breath as we venture out of a blind intersection or while we are zipping down a highway that has crossroads without lights. When the intersection comes into view, imagine a force field wall that closes off the entrances and exits ro the highway or road. As you pass through, keep the wall intact; when you have passed by, open the wall or visualize it away.

Using the Universal Telephone Line

Think of a person you wish to contact. You can imagine them picking up the phone to call you, or you can just say, “How are you doing?” This is Sally. I haven’t heard from you in a while and am wondering if you are okay.” Keep the message simple and think it over and over again. Make not of the time you made the contact and when the person actually does call or visit you. With enough practice, you will most likely hear from them within a 24 hour period.

Getting People To Remember You

If you want a woman to remember you, focus directly at her and smile. Let your warmth of good intentions enter your mind. If you want a man to remember you, focus directly at him, but do not smile. Instead tell him (in your mind of course) that you mean no harm, that you are not a threat; however, you do demand respect.
Remember that everyone has two personalities or more. Basically the one you see and the one you don’t. Individuals are multi faceted, and you must keep that in mind especially when dealing with strangers.

When meeting a couple, concentrate on the member of your own sex first. Let him or her know that they have nothing to fear. If you are overly attentive to their partner, you are just asking for trouble.

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5 Responses to “Mind Power”

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if this book can help with recovery of OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. Fear and anxiety disorder.

    I am at my wits end.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rita,

      The free e-book unlock your personal power has techniques that will help. You receive it when you subscribe to the aymenf.sg-host.com list please do so if you haven’t already. However for this condition I suggest Life Coaching as the way forward you will most likely need help. I will send you an email shortly with a link to the e-book and some further details that will help.

  2. Hi Aymen,
    Thank you for your response.

    I have sought help in the past and at present for OCD, but it is very hard to recover from this condition.

    At the moment I am my father’s full time carer. He is 85yrs dealing with Parkinson’s and dementia. He is high care, so the stress only exacerbates this.

    I will read about Life Coaching to learn how this works.
    Regards Rita

  3. Aw, this was a very nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a great article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.


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