Distant Healing isn’t all oogie boogie

Energy healing can clear any emotional blocks that will then begin to heal the physical conditions these cause. Distant healing is based on the idea that a non-local “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

If one’s “life force energy” is vibrationally low or out of balance, then we are prone to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more adept to being happy and healthy.A remote session is done with the practitioner in thier clinic or sacred space, and the recipient (you), laying down listening to soft music from the comfort of your own home. It can be effectively performed from any distance, whether you are across the city, or in a different country.

With Reiki or distant healing we work on the premise that we are more than our body. Eastern medicine and philosophy is rich in this understanding and Reiki/energy healing has been used for centuries with amazing results. Western society is begining to catch up and reiki, energy healing and ancient energy technologies are becoming better understood and therefore more accepted.

There are energies all about us traveling great distances in short amounts of time such as radio waves. Our everyday lives involves the transfer of energy over great distances – satelitte dishes are a common example. ‘Life energy’ used by healers or energy practicioners travels faster then ‘light energy’, so it isn’t so disagreeable that we can heal at a distance.

Eastern cultures have been studying and using this sytems for centuries and more recently quantum physicists are learning the science behind it. They call this phenomenon a ‘non-local quantum hologram, which means that information of the mind/body can be accesed without the persons being in the presence of each other.

The wonderful thing about energy healing is that is so subtle, it is less heavy than visible light, so it moves easily through space. Also, such energy, like electricity and even light, travels at rapid pace. Unlike electricity or light though I work with a energy of universal intelligence that follows my intention as if it is an extention of my body. It is this way that my intention toward a particular person (the recipient of the energy work) receives the energy I direct where ever that person is.


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