Self-Empowerment Is Not Far Away

According to the teachers of The Secret it’s purpose was to promote self-empowerment and to raise awareness about the Law of Attraction. Very successfully they achieved this goal. The concept of the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking are now indelibly etched into our brains. The Law Of Attraction is always on and working for you. Unfortunately the majority of people still can’t make this spiritual law work positively for them. Let me tell you that self-empowerment is not that far away. Power comes from self knowledge and the ability to have control and direction over your future both physically and mentally.

These principles (from The Secret) needed to be introduced and accepted into collective consciousness as the spiritual truths that they are – so that the foundation for ascension and transformation can be built.  The Secret and The Law Of Attraction is a very good start, but these teachers are correct when they now tell us that they left something out.


Over the years I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve attempted to apply the laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking diligently in their lives. Unsuccessfully – they tried and absolutely nothing changed.  Of course nothing changed, because you only have half of a “secret.”  So what is missing and what can you do about it? Is there an instruction manual for The Secret which includes the missing information? Do you have to wait years, as Rhonda Byrne did, for your journey of self-empowerment and transformation to manifest?


It doesn’t have to take years. This type of shift can happen instantaneously when you have the desire combined with the proper knowledge for integrating change. Manifesting abundance, money or anything else into your life does not have to be an overwhelming struggle.

What’s The Block?

To begin with, there are many things that can stand in the way of manifesting. Limited underlying belief systems, fear, illusions, a sense of entitlement, incorrect patterns of behaviour and thinking are just a few.  You first need to know how to clear these in order to manifest your desires.  It isn’t always difficult and it doesn’t have to be time consuming.  Hey – if you have the right attitude it can even be enjoyable. (There are links to the shortcuts at the end of the article)

Mind, Emotion & Energy

One of the keys to self-empowerment is the ability to manifest and to have the knowledge of how energy works and flows.  Without the knowledge or intuitive knowing in regard to energy you can’t manifest much of anything positive into your life. Even if you are thinking about something all day long, contrary to popular belief, you do not manifest with your mind alone. Yes, you do have to actually take action – DO something other than just think positive thoughts about what you desire. Once you have cleared your mind, emotion and energy – you will have the ability to see the direction of your thoughts and the spiritual clues and signs that lead you to correct action.

The very real power of creation resides in your root Chakra. You don’t conceive children in your mind, do you? This line is a little cryptic and only a clue to what s ahead because the concept is advanced but once you understand this as a basis, you have the beginning of the real secret of manifesting.  If you’re trying to conceive with just your mind, you’re doing it wrong. Try it a different way and see what happens. In my experience which is vast – it’s all about the 3 steps that can be found in the “Speed2Enlightenment” Method. Master you mind, Release Emotion and Control and create your reality. If you wish to find out more about this contact me through this website. Let me know how this article has helped you and why? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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