Signs You Need Aura Clearing

We are going to delve into the basics of Aura clearing from both a personal perspective and in relation to buildings. An Aura is a luminous energy field that surrounds both animate and inanimate lifeforms and objects. Everything and everybody has an auric field. The human aura is composed of universal energy collected by the individual for their life and soul purposes.

More than seventy five cultures around the world recognize the auric field and many different esoteric disciplines have described the aura of human beings in great detail. After the year 1900 a variety of medical practitioners in America and Europe began to study the human aura. This led to a method of measurement and photography of the auric field called Kirlian photography.

The Seven Layers Of The Aura

The human aura has been divided into different, but interrelated bodies or layers. These layers surround each other and at the same time, blend with each other. Each successive layer vibrates at a more refined rate than the preceding layer. Each layer has a specific function.
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Layer one relates to physical functions and is closest to the physical body. The second layer relates to emotions. Layer three relates to mental activity and then layer four relates to the ability to love. The fifth layer refers to the will, especially Divine Will and the power of speech whilst layer number six relates to Universal Love encompassing all life. Lastly layer number seven of the aura refers to the Higher Mind. These layers are surrounded and encompassed by a web of energy which is sometimes called the Golden Web.

As you progress in consciousness you become increasingly more spiritual and your awareness is expanded. Most peoples consciousness remains stuck at the first three layers of the Aura – the personal level. Working on your ability to love will push you through a transition point and into the transpersonal layers four to seven. Once you integrate the lower layers with the higher layers you have moved beyond duality and have become truly whole. Good health occurs when there is unity of purpose between the lower personal levels and the upper transpersonal levels. Illness of mind, emotions or body occurs when there is conflict between the various energies and forces in the seven layers.

Aura Clearing – 6 Signs

Here are six signs that you need a personal Aura clearing.

  • You have ongoing feelings of physical, mental, or emotional discomfort.
  • You recently experienced a major transition: a divorce, a move, a change in employment.
  • Do you have have a chronic physical condition that refuses to yield to treatment?
  • Have you various stress related symptoms.
  • Do you feel drained of energy.
  • Are your closest long term associations with negative people?

Aura clearing (cleaning) is vital for your personal and spiritual growth. Your aura is the field of energy that surrounds your body and it occasionally needs to be detoxified and healed of the damage that accumulates over time. In some cases, people carry this damage from past lifetimes. Regardless of the cause of this damage, a toxic aura can negatively affect your thoughts, feelings and attitudes to a point that is destructive to your well-being. The good news is that this harmful damage can easily be erased, setting you free from the prison of self-limitation.

How Aura Clearing Is Performed

To effectively clear an aura, you first seek out and list the types of negative or toxic energy that is lodged in your auric field. This can be negative thought forms, anger, dark entities, addiction entities, old attitudes and emotions that have become toxic, hexes, curses, and open portals in the subconscious. Identification is required for removal and additionally some healers can also delve into different soul and angelic aspects that your energy corresponds to, locate which guides and or angels will help with the process.  Identified or not, behind the scenes help is present during any aura clearing. The aura is then cleared and shields are placed around the individual for their protection.

Many of symptoms that require clearing are related to having no psychic protection or shields, which make you highly susceptible to the stresses of every day life this attaches to you in the form of energy. Once your aura is cleared, shields are always put in place. Sometimes if you experience poor results but you are doing the rights things the problem is a past life issue and many healers are expert at delving into these.

A House Or Business Clearing

  • People feel uneasy inside the property.
  • A feeling that someone or something is watching you.
  • Feelings of evil or fear while in the dwelling.
  •  Unexplained things happening – noises, furniture moving, flashes of light or shadows.
  • Unable to sleep or work in a particular location.
  • A drained feeling associated with the property.
  • Frequent sickness in the home or business.
  • Ghost or negative entity activity.

Past events create energetic buildup inside certain homes or businesses. This is a result of the interactions and emotions of the various people who once lived or worked there and the residue from negative people simply passing through. When you tune in you can actually feel the dense qualities of the low energy inside this type of property. This is because negative energy generated by thoughts and emotion can stick and linger inside buildings like a toxic waste that just floats around creating havoc by attaching itself to similar energies of the new occupants. Buildings are also frequented by ghosts and earthbound spirits and these need to also be cleared. Usually a clearing works on all energies simultaneously.

How House / Business Energy Is Cleared

Clearing buildings is done in a similar way except you focus on the building not the person. In this case, in addition to negative thought forms and entities, look for earthbound spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, gateways and gatekeepers. The building and objects inside, are then cleared in the same way as the aura, by connecting to the appropriate arch angel realm. Be particularly careful if you have antiques, you may have also acquired a good bit of negative energy along with your item. Energy is attached to everything, even simple items like clothing will carry the energy, of the various individuals who handled it during manufacture.

Aura Clearing From A Distance

Absentee auric clearing can be performed through psychic dowsing. Dowsing is searching for anything by projecting an intent of what is desired and then receiving confirmation or feedback through the body, usually by the movements of a dowsing instrument. It is sometimes described as a form of clairvoyance. I personally use a pendulum but have done this successfully with just a common wire coat hanger cut up to make dowsing rods.

Dowsing in this sense is a spiritual practice, the success of which depends upon a divine state of mind. The psychic dowser, using a pendulum, can locate various types of negative energy existing within your  aura and connect with and project appropriate universal energy into your Aura to clear it of toxic energy that is lodged there. How effective this technique is – will depend upon the healers level of personal development, knowledge and ability to access and direct universal energy.

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  1. danielle braiding

    i have believed for nearly a decade that the unseen most persistent is of love. now i doubt. it will not go away and continues to shock my cns. i wish to know what it is. i wish for it to leave.

  2. Wayann hand

    Are you still taking requests for cleansing I’m afraid I’m very deeply effected and is dangerously progressing

  3. Teresa Nolan

    I need a aura cleaning I have bad luck following me please tell me how to fix this I am desperate please please help me thank you for your time.


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