Wiccan Spells – Elements Of Construction

Here are the elements of construction in wiccan spells – Go through the list and make sure that your spells have the greatest chance of success.

1. Clearly understand and define your magickal need. It helps to write it out on paper.

2. Gather together all the items you will need for your spell, such as candles, herbs, gemstones, athame, cup, etc. and empower these items.

3. Decide on your words of power, and create an appropriate chant if so desired. It is helpful to memorize these, so as not to interrupt the flow of energy while trying to remember what you are going to say next.

wiccan spells

4. If you will be invoking a particular Diety, decide on who and write out and memorize any special prayers and invocations that you will use.

5. Plan how you will visualize your goal…this is very important!

6. Decide when and where you will work your spell.

7. At the appropriate time, gather what you will use and go to the place where you will perform the spell.

8. Cast your circle, or create your Sacred Space.

9. Invite whatever elementals, faeries, spirits, or Dieties you wish to have present as you work.

10. Wiccan spells work when you clear your mind and begin visualizing your goal.

11. Raise energy within yourself and pour it into your magickal objects.

12. Use your words of power, light your candles, charge your stones, dance or sing. Do whatever you have decided to do to focus your attention and raise energy.

13. When you feel that you have put as much energy into your spell as you possibly can, send the energy out to do your will. Relax, throw up your arms, raise a tool, kneel, or do whatever else makes you feel the energy being sent.

14. Finish your spell with words such as “So Mote It Be”. It is a statement of completion and an affirmation that you know your magick is successful.

15. When you are ready, close your circle and thank the elementals, faeries, Dieties, etc. who have been with you to help.

16. Ground your energy — see it dissipate and return to the earth.

17. Record the ritual in your Book of Shadows.

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