Overcoming Anxiety

The World Health Organisation estimates that there are over 250 million people who suffer from Anxiety. This disorder can encompass many forms all the way from worry through to phobia’s. Anxiety can be triggered without warning and in the case of it’s extreme examples it can be debilitating. Sufferers of anxiety can experience physical symptoms that include elevated heart rate, excessive sweating, panic and sometimes hysteria. Some people experience anxiety in relation to specific events but others cannot pinpoint the cause of their experience.

Some basic tips to help you in overcoming anxiety. These will work for mild cases but if you experience strong anxiety you will need to go further (see bottom of article)

overcoming anxiety
Basics For Overcoming Anxiety

1. Make Sure You Get Sufficient Sleep.

When you don’t get enough sleep you are more susceptible to stress, anxiety and depression. Sleep is vital in assisting your body to rest and recharge for the coming day.

2. Regular Exercise Regimen.

Exercise creates many positive results in your physical body. It doesn’t only make the physique fitter, but additionally it is an effective remedy for anxiety conditions. Other than regular workouts, aerobics and yoga are also perfect therapies to treat anxiousness.

3. Healthy Meals & Snacks.

A habit of eating healthy food everyday does a lot to reduce stress and anxiety and of course your health improves in the process. Plenty of natural whole foods and go easy on processed food or eliminate it altogether.

4. Avoid Medication and Alcohol.

Some people think that they can use alcohol and other drugs or medications to remove all their worries and problems. In reality this will make the situation worse and block your capacity to feel (very important – you can learn more about this in my masterclass here) Besides being unhealthy too much reliance on these substances can lead to addiction.

5. Seek Emotional Support From Family & Friends

Its great to be around those that you love and the people that care for you. Ask for help its amazing what a “shoulder to cry on” can do to lift your spirits.

6. Meditation

Research suggests that meditation is a good way of removing stress and anxiety. There are many types of meditation to chose from – walking meditation, transcendental meditation, breath work and different types of mindfulness practice.

7. Relax & Rest.

One other good approach on overcoming anxiety is to get plenty of rest and relaxation. That means down time, holidays and time off your busy schedule.

Go Further

You can go a lot further than this by developing high self awareness. If you are interested in this – you should be, as it removes anxiety permanently – you can access my “Speed2Enlightenment” workshop here.