Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot is an ancient method used to receive guidance in our life. No one is 100% certain where Tarot was first used or where it came from, there are many theories.

By shuffling the pack of cards and thinking of the question that we want advice on, we can then fan the cards out and feel the ones that we want the reader to interpret for us. This is actually our own inner psyche that the reader deciphers. This is the knowledge we need  to hear.

Not all Tarot readers read the future only. I feel the most satisfactory  way  is to offer the guidance that the cards suggest. After all we cannot create the life we wish for if we do not take the steps to have that.

Sometimes we need to heal areas within before we can go forward.

As for the future the cards will show the potential that is there for us, however we can change this with a thought. We create our lives with our thinking…..we must try to live in The Now, our power is in the present moment. We manifest what we want in life by what we put our energy and focus into.

Tarot is extremely revealing, what we do with the information is up to us. Life is choice…..

An example of a reading that I did recently and the help given and adhered to is of Danny, a young married man in his mid thirties.

Danny wasn’t sure why he had come but knew that he didn’t feel really right or happy in his life. The cards showed that although work was going well in a career he loved, he was very happy with his children, but definitely not happy in his marriage.

In fact Dan was starting to enjoy talking at depth to other women, he didn’t feel talked over or dominated by them….

These feelings were causing much discontent..

The cards showed that there was much help around for him if he had the courage to step out and seek the help he needed. Dan rang me to tell me he had been to a counselor had a great chat, and felt much better for this. He is currently attending sessions on a regular basis.His wife is also seeking guidance in her life, independently of Dan.

Where this will all lead he has no idea, but he is very at ease to know he is getting help to make himself feel stronger and to sort out his feelings.

This is an example of a person,  who listened and acted on the advice given. As time went on if he hadn’t have taken the necessary steps to get help, the restlessness and sad feelings would have taken over in Dan’s life’. What Dan heard from the tarot resonated with him, and he was amazed how the cards picked up his feelings and state of mind……

I also teach TAROT to small groups. This is on request throughout the year.

Author: Mary Malady   www.muchinsight.com

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