Past and Present Life Regression


Past Life Regression is a very powerful way to heal memories that are stored in the sub conscious and deep unconscious.

These memories are from other times, as in the childhood (present lifetime) or past life times.  We come back in to this life to have another chance to “get it right” These memories manifest in us  as fears, phobias, anxieties, unhealthy relationships, poor self image, poverty consciousness. Etc

By going within and allowing the Higher Self to take us to the Memory we need to see, we can then feel the emotion by re-experiencing a situation again, we can then decide to heal this memory, that basically haunts us and holds us back in life. We cannot go forward successfully whilst we carry HEAVY baggage.

What we resist will persist. We keep encountering the same situations until we learn !!!  We attract the experiences into our life until we delve deep and decide to move on from  whatever it is that we need to heal and be free of.

Some- times the memory is from Childhood, so we access Present Life memories, again we then heal what we no longer need. Peel away the layer that no longer needs to haunt us.

The higher self never fails to help us to heal, it wants us better, to be the being we are meant to be. This is not painful as we are only remembering. Sure this can be emotional, but better out than within, causing unease that can cause disease.

I work one on one with you to access the Past or Present Life memory.

An example of this work that stands out for me and to show how this can assist in life is….Jessica  ,who was  in an unhappy marriage has done a few sessions with me, one of the times she tapped into was her own childhood, where her father who she loved dearly was not REALLY there for her emotionally, she is one of five children, the eldest.

The time she grew up in was difficult financially, her father worked very hard to keep the family fed and clothed.

They were on a farm and Jess never felt that she got her Dad’s attention, he was too busy or tired.

Jess moved out of home to go to the city for work at the age of seventeen, and had a series of relationships with men who were not really there for her.

As time went on she married one of these men.

By going within,

she was able to see how she attracted men like her Dad.

Finally the message came in loud and clear, she only felt worthy of an “unavailable man”, this was what she had always known…

Jessica has since left her marriage, and although difficult at times she is happy  that she is finding herself and her self worth….

As time goes on I feel certain she will attract the right relationship for her, someone who is available in all ways, particularly emotionally…

This of course is Present Life healing

An example of Past Life Memory is of a lady, who had suffered migraines for many years. Although difficult to access we did get there. Bernadette had times in the past, where she had been captured in a confined space, her head bent forward for a lengthy period of time. The tension in her neck was a terrifying experience for her to recall. Another time she was held in a large case like container by people, who were assisting her to escape, the position and lack of room, caused her neck to again ache and cause much friction.  Also she had actually been put in the stocks in medieval France, her neck aching terribly while she awaited her death.

The re experiencing of these times and the necessary healing from the memories has helped greatly with the pain from the migraines once experienced. This has also assisted with poor self image that had been an issue as well, over many years.

So one example of Present Life experiences where successful healing took place. Another of Past Life memories healed with very successful outcomes.


Author: Mary Malady





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