Meditation is the state in which we contact our essential nature, our higher consciousness, which is our connection to the Great Spirit the Great force, The Divine spark that is within each one of us.

As we meditate we become less anxious, we begin to trust the universal flow of life. We are easily able to access our natural peaceful state.

As we continue to practice meditation our consciousness increases and we are more in touch with ourselves free of past conditioning. Judgements of ourselves and of others are put aside, and we learn to have more presence of mind, free of the mental chatter that causes so much anxiety.

The calming, softening effect of meditation can be taken into our daily lives, and as beneficial good hormones are released, our body also responds with greater health and well being.Learn to listen to your inner voice and discover your intuition.

Of course to join a meditation class is the best way to commence. The teacher running the class will assist you to translate what comes for you whilst going within. All we have ever known is stored deep within. We will learn areas we need to clear and move on from, also strengths that we have had in  times gone by.

The more knowledge we gain by this “inner” type of meditation, the more we know ourselves. The clamer and more peaceful we become.

At Much Insight we have small groups, we can focus on each particpant and assist in their growth.

Author: Mary Malady


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