Bell Magick – A Spell For Global Healing

While activism, lifestyle change and conscious efforts are serving and integral, some planet-support magic work can penetrate on a cellular level and can go a long way – particularly if we all join in. And it makes you feel really good. Magic is not all oogie boogie; it is simply using resources to affect change. Magick has the capacity to heal globally. Bell Magick is a simple an lovely ay to create energy for global healing.

Bell Magick.

The beauty of bell magic is it can be melodious, musical as well as containing healing elements.

Here is a magic spell for global healing using bell magick.

Bells in magik are known for banishing stale energies – makes sense ring a bell – energy is surely going to shift – the sound waves alone will cause a shift. It can also purify space and summon helpful nature spirits. Kinda like when people play music and our spirits are lifted. The bell connects with etheral spirit our own and the unseen. A bell sends cleansing tones reverberating through the sky – imagine the space cleared – the flow of energy and the spirits responding – like in the eighties when Boy George came on the radio singing “i’ll tumble for ya” well less poppy more meldious and with classical undertones. So the bell is used to claer the atmosphere and bring in fresh energies; therefore allowing things (eg nature) to heal. This ritual uses a bell to infuse the air and send purifying vibrations to assist in repelling pollution:

Imagine if everyone did this:

Use any bell: a hand bell, jingle bell, a cow bell.

Tie a string onto thebell andsuspend it from a tree branch sothat it dangles freely.

Stand before it and call on any helpful powers you associate with air.

You may summon air elements or other sky spirits (they are all freindlyso this part can be alot of fun)

Ask these forces to come into the bell.

Next conjure a purifying spirit from within yourself ( this part is great as once you do this you can do it anytime anywhere) . Think of fresh clean air., the joy of breathing, a neutralising energy of pure white light (vislualise it) that repels anything baneful that does not belong.  Feel it within you. ( best not to do this near a nuclaer plant).

Inhale deeply as you raise the power to its height, then exhale as you breate the magical energy into the bell before you.

Now ring the bell anyway you like, striking it with your hand or wand, you can even untie it, dancing around as you wave it above your head. This part is fun. Listen to the sound of the bell and feel the vibration of the bell as you ring it.

Visualise the sound waves and the energies you sent into the bell radiating outward through the sky, purifying thae air, neautralising and repelling pollution and stirring up a fresh cleansing breeze.

Take ten deep breathes and tahnk the spirits and the tree and continue on your day.

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