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To be healthy means to be free of disease both physically and mentally. Healing is the restoration of health and this can be facilitated in numerous ways.


Spiritually, it’s concerned with the subtle energies that are not commonly discernable. Reiki and Pranic healing are two of the more common forms of this healing. This type of healing often uses universal energy and can therefore be applied in the presence of the healer or by distance.

We can all heal ourselves given the right information and circumstances. Our emotions can manifest themselves as physical ailments and through self examination we can change the way we perceive the world and eliminate destructive energy around us.

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  1. Hi.

    As a born again christian i can honestly tell you that i perform spiritual healing upon myself all the time. I often do prayers prior to midnight daily and during the day and i am able with the Lords will be able to heal myself from the spirit of Lust, anger, fear, worry, and paranoiya all the time. I do so by letting the demons out via yawning and i immediately feel the positive effects straight after the prayers.


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