What are Angels

Angels are beings of light who have chosen to undertake their learning purely on the spiritual/astral plane. Angels normally take the physical image of winged messengers however they can appear in other forms to suit the needs of the person they desire to help. I am of the opinion that the winged messenger appearance is facilitated by the popular historical art work that depicts them so. Interestingly if we adhere to the biblical description of angels they look nothing like this – rather more like something machine like from a science fiction movie. The word angel is Hebrew for “the sons of god”.

The Zohar which is a translation of the Kabbalistic system and is the foundation of Jewish mystical thought, says that Angels have no gender but have the ability to transform themselves into either male or female when in the physical realm.


Archangels are a certain category of Angelic being. They are responsible for issues concerning the human race as a whole. Two of the best known Archangels are Michael and Gabriel. Here is an article that lists angelic correspondences.

There are actually nine orders or categories of Angels, the highest are known as Seraphim and the lowest you know as Angels. You can read all about them in the articles in this web site. Try this article first, it offers a great rundown on Angels and the Angelic realm.

Angels & the Angelic Realm. 

How Do You Talk To Angelic Beings?

I am often asked this. The easiest way to explain it is to say that you can do it but you need to clear a space through your thoughts and emotions. In other words clarity of mind is required. Most people have an ongoing and uncontrollable chatter which blocks any communication. You do this through your own personal development. I have written a lot of information on this topic which you can find here on this web site.

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