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Each zodiac sign has a style all its own an individual Zodiac fashion sense. It’s pretty easy for a good astrologer to guess what sign someone was born under by the styles and color of the clothes they wear. Years ago, a woman dressed in a classy black suit walked into my office for a reading. She also wore a pair of sexy black pumps, and a silk camisole underneath her tailored jacket. Before she sat down, I asked her, “Are you a Scorpio?” “Why, yes! she replied, amazed that I would know that. “How did you know?” Scorpios usually wear black and something a little revealing, too. Even though this woman was definitely “all business” as far as her demeanor, her Scorpio sun sign was evident in her fashion sense.

Sometimes people will choose a style of dress that represents their rising sign (ascendant). For instance, even though I am a Cancer sun sign and “supposed” to wear pastels and silver. I usually dress like my Scorpio rising sign, lots of black suits, dresses and lacy tops. Here’s a list of the twelve zodiac signs and what you’re mostly like to see hanging in their closets.

zodiac fashion

Aries – They love the color red. They also like to wear the latest fashions and don’t mind standing out in a crowd. However, Rams are also successful in the business world, so you will also find them in classic, power suits; dressed impeccably. Look for the red tie as a dead giveaway or a bright colored bag or shirt. Because the part of the body that Aries rules is the “head”, many wear stylish hats, scarves and barrettes. If an Aries man goes bald, he usually opts to shave his head rather than do a “comb-over.”

Taurus – These folks love clothing that is comfortable. Linen suits and dresses are favorites. Soft cottons and silky fabrics that are pleasing to the touch are favored. Bulls seldom go for the latest fads. They like high quality items but want to get them on sale. Discount designer stores are their passion. Neutral colors and earth tones are the best for a Taurus because he is an earth sign. The area of the body that Taurus represents is the neck and throat so many Bulls wear gold chains, necklaces, nice neck ties and scarves.

Gemini – Anything goes here! Gemini’s dual personality favors all kinds of looks and styles. Gemini’s closets is brimming with outfits for every occasion. They love color and funky styles that are youth oriented. Gemini enjoy wearing a worn pair of sexy blue jeans with a tank top just as much as they love to dress up in a velvet evening gown or black tie tux. The part of the body that Gemini rules are the hands so, bangle bracelets and pretty rings are some of their cherished accessories. Gemini also have a weakness for purses.

Cancer – Pretty, soft, feminine, vintage…these words describe some of the outfits you may find hanging in a Cancer woman’s closet. Cancer men hang onto the clothes they love and wear them out… or forever. That ratty old T-shirt from a Bon Jovi concert is a prized keepsake because it holds sentimental value for a Crab. Cancer like soft colors, especially white and shimmery pastels. In regard to their jewelry, they usually prefer silver and pearls. Both men and women crabs love soft, cozy fabrics like flannel, velour and terry cloth.

Leo – Leo the Lion loves luxurious things. They usually have huge closets filled with lovely and expensive outfits or those that at least look expensive. They own big, oversized jewelry boxes too. Glittery, sequined shirts, skirts and dresses, bold colors, satins and silks are staples in the Leo’s wardrobe. They also like animal prints. Lions look for designer labels. Their favorite colors are red and gold. They are attracted to clothing that helps them “stand out” and is dramatic in some way. Jewelry, especially gold, is always a must-have” for a Leo.

Virgo – Virgo always has a “put together” look. These folks pay a lot of attention to detail so they always look neat and polished, even when they’re wearing something very casual. They like the color blue and will often wear tailored, conservative outfits. Virgos are picky about the clothes they wear. They don’t like anything too flashy, too tight or fashion fads that go out of style quickly. Virgo appreciates a good bargain and can spot a sale a mile away. Usually, their clothing and accessories are perfectly matched.

Libra – Libra loves clothes! They are very fashion-conscious and always strive to look their best. Since Libra is such a romantic sign, many women opt for lacy shirts and skirts, pretty floral, feminine dresses and lots of jewelry. The Libra man always looks good in casual or evening wear. His suits are tailored to perfection. His pastel shirts match his silk ties. Both sexes love perfume and cologne and probably wear a signature scent everyday. These are not “gaudy, flashy” dressers but people who’s wardrobe gets them noticed because it has real style.

Scorpio – Sexy is a Scorpio word. Even though a Scorpio in a pair of polyester pants and a T-shirt doesn’t appear seductive….think again. You really don’t know what they are wearing underneath those frumpy clothes, now do you? Many Scorpio opt not to wear underwear but those girls that do, report lacy bras and thongs as their favorites. The men may wear silk boxers. This sign loves anything black but you’ll also find they wear a lot of burgundy too. They like to leave “something to the imagination” when they dress up but still opt for clothing that entices. Sexy high heels and thigh high boots are favorite footwear for Scorpio women. Oh, and don’t forget those dark sunglasses that help them look so mysterious.

Sagittarius – Sag are freedom lovers so they look for clothing that is comfortable and sporty. They love faded jeans and sweatshirts, oversized T-shirts and jackets. You’ll find Sagittarius own more than one pair of tennis shoes. Their look is fresh and casual. Purple is their color so you’ll find many Archer women love lilac, orchid and periwinkle hues. The guys often wear jackets or sweat shirts advertising their favorite sports teams. They also love flannel shorts, hunting vests and leather jackets.

Capricorn – Goats are very serious about their wardrobe. They look for good quality clothing and often designer labels. They usually wear tailored clothing, suits and well fitted pieces. Gray, brown, tans, some blue and khaki are traditional Capricorn colors. They enjoy attention getting outfits but not the flashy fashions. Their briefcases and purses are status symbols and often will spend quite a bit of money for wallets and bags. They prefer comfortable, luxurious style clothing and would never think of going out in a pair of sweatpants unless they were a designer brand. Goats do not like rhinestones and glitz. Understated elegance is the way I would describe the Cappy’s style.

Aquarius – They’re the first to find it, wear it and probably create it too — their own sense of style is important. Aquarius are first to sport the latest fashion fads. They don’t care if the fringe jacket will be out of style next season. They’ll buy it and probably continue to wear it until it comes back in style again! 60’s and 70’s clothing is a favorite too. They mix and match everything and break all fashion rules. Aquarius like to be different and don’t mind being called quirky or unusual. They think whatever they wear is “cool” and a statement as to who they really are.

Pisces – Pisces rules the feet and therefore many Fish absolutely adore shoes. Pisces of both sexes tend to have a closet full of shoes. Fish are the daydreamers of the zodiacs so the women look for romantic fashions; chiffons and shimmering materials. Many prefer to wear skirts and dresses over pantsuits. Pisces guys like comfortable outfits rather than suits. Their color is greenish blue so you will find sea foam green and sea blue hues in their wardrobe. They adore jewelry and often wear too much at one time, adorning themselves with gold, silver and precious gemstones.

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  1. Peir Angeli Chiu

    What a nice descrption i like it..its true..im a double scorpio woman born on nov 1 1986…i feel so gud wearing black nf usualy do not wear panty


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