Your Will Power

Your will power is your consciousness directing your energy, via thoughts toward a chosen goal.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Break things up and take smaller bites. If you continually take the big bite and can’t swallow you will not get anywhere. Any thing you wish to accomplish will be easier if you break it into it’s smaller components and take them on one at a time.

Sounds simple and it is. However it requires effort, awareness and control to accomplish.

will power

You are not your thoughts. That’s a comment I have made to you before. However, for the ‘real you’ to shine through you need to have command of your thoughts.

The collection of your thoughts and their strength and ability to manifest what the real you desires, is called your will.

Will is your personal power. Your will is the collection of your thoughts. Your thoughts if you have a strong will, enable you to manifest what you desire.

To put it bluntly, you get what you want if you use your will. Many people have not developed their will. In fact many people create situations that weaken their will.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to strengthen your will is to set and attain a goal.

Boring you say, we have already covered this! Let’s go a little deeper.

Every time you have a thought that goes along the lines of –

“I will do …”

“I am going to…”

you are actually setting a goal. In other words anytime you say to yourself I am going to do something no matter how small that something is, you are goal setting.

It’s like making an appointment with yourself.

“Next week I will…”

The question to ask yourself is do you do it? Do you keep the appointment?

It’s interesting to observe that most people keep appointments with others yet break the appointment they make with themselves. This is an indicator of your self respect.

It’s your thoughts that create your goals and targets whether you consciously have a part in them or not.

Remember we have already covered that the average person has 50,000 thoughts per day. That’s about 2 thoughts per second. Most people are only aware of a few of their thoughts.

Here’s the important bit. Every time you do NOT follow through and attain your goal you are weakening your personal power.

Every time that you follow through you are strengthening it.

The first thing to do is to be conscious of what you promise yourself and other people. Don’t promise too much.

I know, I am an advocate of shooting high when it comes to goal setting. However if you consciously examine your thoughts I believe that you will find you are promising too much.

You need to focus on less to achieve more.

Here’s are some easy examples,

1. A gentleman I know wants to exercise more. He has trouble exercising once per week and he has many late nights. He sets himself a target of a grueling workout every morning before work. It never happens but he continues to set this goal.

2. A salesman I met believes that he can earn a fortune selling his product. He has a small established client base and has trouble making cold calls. Everyday he promises himself that he will make 30 phone calls. His best day so far is two.

3. I have a client that is disorganized, he has hundreds of small jobs to do. They are not high on his list of priorities and they never seem to get done. He promises himself everyday that he will clean up. He never has time.

All three scenario’s have a multitude of solutions but we are only discussing the thought process and how it effects your will.

In all three examples the people are disempowered. In order to build strength of will you need to start with a smaller target and work on achieving it.

One gym workout per week in the afternoon for a period of time. Four phone calls per day, everyday. One small task from your low priority list per day.

Build a habit and look for consistency. Strengthen your will. One small step at a time. Then look to the sky to achieve your dream.

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