Your Questions Answered August 2001

Reader’s note: Refection delivers their messages in a particular way and though some editing has been done for readability, their unique way of speaking has been retained. Words like “indeed” are used as filler words to keep the channel open during the discourse and are left in to indicate pauses.

1. In light of advances in organ transplants, there will come a time when a significant part of one persons body comes from the other people. What is the soul attached to in terms of this? What are the implications of transplants and blood transfusions?

First of all be aware that the soul, itself, is not attached emotionally to the physical or corporeal of entities, which includes the various components and organ parts. Emotional energy is only subject to the human condition of thought. The physical body is, indeed, the vehicle of which the soul uses to practice, experience and express the physical reality. There is no impact onto the “soul” itself with the use of various body parts and this includes heart transplants and many do become confused between heart energy and, indeed, the physical matter of the heart, as an example.

2. Describe and explain the terms “twin flames” and “soul mates” how does one recognize your soul mate?

Soul mates are when two or more souls make an agreement or that which we term “a spiritual contract” before entering into the physical reality. They would mate by sharing the data and information of multiple lives called “integration”. In so doing, when coming into the physical life, would choose parallel journeys to assist each other in meeting the terms of the spiritual agreements and these may not necessarily be in relationships of intimacy as many in your world would believe. They could be two good friends, a parent and child combination, two co-workers and yes, indeed, even those that be determined to be so-called enemies. The sole purpose of this union or unions is to impact each with their own personal mission in life, one onto the other. A twin flame connection is usually two entities that come together in great passion. Indeed, they would vibrate at the same pulsation rate to satisfy each other’s and their own needs at that time. Indeed, yet these connections may not be long lasting relationships. These be oft times be considered “the old flame” that ye simply cannot forget yet, indeed, have difficulty living with. There is another connection which does oft times incorporate these two vibrations. This be what we term “soul partner”. Soul partners are individuals who agree before entering into the life and agree in the physical as well and are usually deep love connections that would hold great compassion and understanding. They work in synchronicity to, indeed, help each other and would hold the passion as in a twin flame and would add to the soul partnership. These are those who would recognize each other from other life realities and hence the term “love at first sight” syndrome exists. One would recognize each by looking deep into the eyes; for the eyes are the windows of the soul.

3. Explain physical exercise in terms of energy and its effects on the body?

Physical exercise doth create more energy. Many would belief that the more they exercise the more tired they are because they are using up their energy. Indeed, this is not the case. Physical exercise feeds the physical and it can decrease appetite and, of course, create even or balanced blood flow, feed the nerve endings of the physical body. For as it feeds the body, it also feeds the soul. For the purpose of the soul’s experience life is to use the physical body effectively. Therefore, physical exercise adds to the soul’s purpose of existence.

4. The world, which we know as the spirit world or where humans go when they die, can you explain this? What do we do between lives?

Indeed, that which you refer to as the “spirit world”, we, ourselves, also refer to the physical as “the spirit world”. Indeed, this is the conceptual universe, which be that which would exist without time, without matter and with pure energy. Would not have the need to occupy space but would have awareness of all realities and their intricacies of same. It is a vibration that, indeed, the spiritual without corporeal would enter into, to review the physical existence as ye know physicality and be detached from emotion and therefore gain knowledge. Would be that of a school of learning to expand the soul’s awareness of physical matter. Indeed, to ourselves, when an entity chooses to incarnate into the physical reality. This would be likening to a death. For some of us would leave. But we would not grieve as ye do, for emotion do not exist in this conceptual world and to come close to an explanation for that which ye will understand, there would be more of a rejoicing that we would term to be “bliss” as this would be the closest to spiritual emotion that we could determine. That which exists between lives is the process of learning, reevaluating and choosing other realities to encounter such a spiritual guidance to the beings of your world.

5. What is the purpose of the human ego? Why does it exist? What are its origins?

The human ego is your personality. It is your persona, indeed, that would gather physical information and awareness. Some schools of thought of spiritual development, indeed, believe that the ego needs to be taken away. If this were to be done may we suggest that ye would not exist. Your ego is required for your conscious awareness of your reality for tis the ego that perceives joys; the ego that perceives life and also perceives fears, anger and guilt. Indeed, what is required is to keep a ‘balanced ego state” Indeed, for the ego is the collector of emotional data so that the soul and souls can learn of the entire make up of the human condition.

Authors Details:Donna Kinniburgh

Donna Kinniburgh is a Deep Trance Medium who works in the style of Edgar Cayce with her husband Steve who acts as her director/conductor for these sessions. Donna Channels a group of spiritual entities who call themselves ‘Reflection’

‘Reflection’ is a large grouping of spiritual entities who choose to interact in our dimension through Donna to help human kind understand itself. Their purpose is to give information and advise, empowering others to be their own leaders, they state that”we create our own reality”
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