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Psychic Ability

A lot of people are very interested in psychic ability. One night as I was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, I heard a group of excited teenagers discussing the blockbuster film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the series of books by J. K. Rowling that have made her the second wealthiest woman in England.

They were saying how cool it would be to attend the fictional Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Harry Potter discovers that he has extraordinary abilities that he never imagined existed but that occasionally exhibited themselves in startling and detrimental ways until he was taught to control these talents. I smiled to myself as I thought about the esoteric school of clairvoyance that I attended, and the one I later established in Sedona, where every day, every minute, was a new adventure, filled with discovery, drama, mystery, and challenges unheard of by most living beings. It still amazes and saddens me that I lived twenty-seven years of my life without the slightest inkling that I possessed clairvoyant abilities, and that there were schools that could teach me things that were not supposed to even be possible.

It’s my dream that someday there will be no need for clairvoyant training schools because psychic ability and clairvoyant reading will be understood, encouraged, and taught by parents as well as teachers throughout our educational institutions. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. I hope this book will provide the initial wake-up call for the slumbering adults in the United States who are still oblivious to their own psychic ability and talents and therefore unaware of their own true potential and that of their children. If I could send everyone to a clairvoyant training school, I would, but that is neither feasible nor really necessary. Instead,
I am bringing clairvoyant school to you, in this book, which I am dedicating to the thousands of clairvoyant students and teachers out there who can attest to the validity and usefulness of the information and guidance you are about to receive.

Psychic Ability – Common Questions

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance means seeing clearly. It is the psychic ability to access and decipher visual information through extrasensory means in the form of images or pictures. It does not involve the eyes, but rather the infinite universe behind the eyes. When you access your clairvoyance, you are using the same mechanics and parts of your brain that are active when you dream or use your imagination to visualize. If you have the ability to visualize anything, even something as simple as a circle, then you

have clairvoyant ability. When you perform a clairvoyant reading, you relax your logical mind and let information in the form of images appear to you. Often you will obtain information that you could not possibly have obtained through logical or physical means.

Why would I want to learn how to do clairvoyant readings?

If you have the psychic ability then first and foremost, the reason to do clairvoyant readings is because they are fun! It is like sitting back and watching a movie unfold before your eyes, or dreaming while you are awake. You get to see all kinds of fascinating things, and access information firsthand about other people and yourself that you would otherwise never get to experience. Clairvoyant reading is like embarking on a great adventure: you are often surprised by the images that appear, and like a detective you work your way through clues in the form of pictures, sounds, colors, and feelings until you solve the mystery of what these images mean for the person you are reading.

Clairvoyance enables you to know your fellow men and women on an extremely intimate level. It enables you to tap into the deepest realms of the subconscious mind of yourself or of any creature, including your pets. It automatically turns you into the master of all time travelers: with your spirit as captain and your clairvoyance as your time machine, you can easily zoom from the past to the future (which you are really doing all the time anyway, just without awareness), enabling you to bring back immeasurable treasures of insight to your present body. Also, when you “read” energy, you can alter it, so having clairvoyant ability not only makes it possible to pick up information about people that they themselves aren’t even privy to, it also makes it
possible to help them heal, change, and grow.

A clairvoyant reading can be extremely beneficial for both the person receiving the reading (the readee) and the person performing the reading (the reader). Clairvoyant reading is a form of meditation. More than any other mental exercise, it forces you to concentrate, since the second that your attention wanders, you will stop accessing information and this will be immediately apparent to the reader and readee.

Clairvoyant reading brings you into a state of relaxation and makes it impossible for you to continue to focus on your own worries. When you clairvoyantly read other people, you naturally heal yourself. By the end of a session, you are often in a completely different frame of mind and emotional state than you were at the beginning.

Disciplined use of your psychic ability / clairvoyance will send you sailing through vast oceans of perceptions, paradigms, experiences, challenges, and opportunities that were previously nonexistent, or at best were only murky shadows in your logical mind. Through doing clairvoyant readings you will process energy, break patterns and programming, and heal wounds and heartbreaks for yourself and the person you are reading faster and more easily than you ever would doing anything else in your life! Reading other people helps you gain insights into your own situation because you will be drawn to read people who are mirrors for yourself.

While reading yourself may be a bit trickier than reading other people (since it is harder to concentrate and you have more biases to work through), you’ll find it very valuable when you need clarification about a relationship in your life or are wondering about an upcoming event, like the result of a job interview. Through developing your clairvoyance, you will access your power in ways you never imagined.

I use the term power in the sense of personal power, power over oneself. While clairvoyance can give you power over other people as well, as in some forms of black magic or voodoo, that is not a path I chose to pursue and one that will not be addressed in this book. Control over others is always fleeting and self-defeating because what you are usually trying to get from someone else is what is missing in yourself, or is based on uncomfortable emotions within your own body from which you are trying to escape. It is only when you find your own inner power and peace that you can be truly satisfied.

If people are not doing what you want them to do or are not giving you what you desire, go inward and ask yourself how you can change your own thoughts and actions in order to obtain the joy you seek. Otherwise, you are going to waste a lot of your own vital energy, hurt other people, probably incur some nasty karma, and in the end be no further from where you began. (Think about a time in your life when you tried to change someone’s mind about something they felt strongly about, or when you manipulated them into doing something against their will. Is that person still in your life? Were the consequences lasting and fulfilling? Probably not!)

Along with increasing your personal power and confidence, developing your psychic ability will help you access a higher form of learning: you will learn through direct experience rather than through regurgitation of someone else’s information. You will be better able to discern fact from fiction, truth from lies. Clairvoyance can also be utilized to help access creative energies and ideas that can greatly enhance creative projects and artistic endeavors.

What is the difference between clairvoyant reading
and spiritual counseling?

A clairvoyant reading is one of the most effective and easiest forms of therapy/counseling because the clairvoyant can immediately identify the client’s core issues; uncover unconscious motivations, desires, dreams, and fears; and actually witness and thus validate the client’s past and present external and internal experiences. An experienced clairvoyant can identify and bypass a client’s defense mechanisms within a single session. He or she can see through the most convincing persona and reveal the true face behind the most deceptive mask. Because information is accessed through extrasensory means, the usual pitfalls of traditional psychotherapy can be minimized or even avoided during a clairvoyant reading, provided the clairvoyant understands
these may be present and is open to receiving and committed to sharing whatever information emerges.

Some of these pitfalls include faulty or deceptive self-reporting by clients; a client’s inability to communicate (due to age, interpersonal skills, or disability); erroneous identification of the problem or issue by the client and therapist; and the time-consuming and difficult task of establishing trust. A doctor deals with the physical body. A psychotherapist deals with the psychological, cognitive, and emotional functioning of the individual. A social worker may deal with the psychological as well as social, family, political, economic, and community factors.

A clairvoyant deals with all of these plus one additional and essential element: the spirit. A clairvoyant can see the spirits of humans, both living and deceased. Clairvoyants can see the spirits of animals, plants, and alien life forms. A clairvoyant can even see ascended beings such as Jesus and Buddha and, of course, the greatest spirit of them all, God.

It is not only unfortunate but downright tragic that so many people (spirits) live their whole lives having no knowledge that they are something other than a physical body and mind. These people can never fully know their true self or who they really are because they are not in touch with their true essence. People who have no concept of their own spirit often suffer from depression and feelings of hopelessness and frustration, and their lives as well as the process of their death are riddled with pain and fear.

In order for a person to thrive, that person’s spirit must be nurtured through recognition and validation. Clairvoyance is actually an ability of the spirit. A clairvoyant accesses information by connecting with a readee’s spirit or the Universal Spirit and then brings this information into the physical and mental realms. For many people, the first time they feel as if they have truly been “seen,” recognized, understood, and respected for who they really are is during a clairvoyant reading. To give this gift to a fellow human being is one of the most rewarding aspects of performing a reading.

A clairvoyant reading is a powerful catalyst for self-awareness and growth not just because it has a psychological effect on a person but because it actually has an effect on one’s energetic and psychical body.

It can elicit an instantaneous change in perception for both the client and the clairvoyant. When a clairvoyant looks at energy, that energy responds with movement. So emotions and pain, which are energy, may instantaneously be released. When a clairvoyant focuses on those energies and wills them to behave in a certain way, a “clairvoyant healing” is being performed.

Why would anyone want to receive a clairvoyant reading?

People have a lot of misconceptions about what clairvoyant/psychic readings are all about.

While they can be used to access information about the future, a good clairvoyant reading will also focus on you in present time and see what is working for you or what changes need to be made in order for you to create the type of future you would like to have. Readings can help clarify your feelings and experiences and dispel confusion. While they can tell you things you didn’t know, more importantly they will often uncover thoughts and feelings that you were afraid to admit to yourself. Sometimes when a relationship is headed in the wrong direction, such as in a violent or abusive marriage, we need an objective witness who can say, “This is what’s going on and it’s not conducive to your well-being.”

When a psychic you have never met tells you the details of your life and how remaining in your current situation is detrimental to your self-respect and physical health, you really can’t remain in a state of denial. Hearing the truth from someone who does not know you or your situation makes a much greater impact than hearing the same thing from your family and friends who may be biased and too emotionally involved in your situation.

Readings can be performed on couples and families as well as individuals. They can serve as an extremely powerful form of marriage or relationship counseling since the reader does not need to rely on self-reports of who is to blame. The reader can look at agreements and past lives between the couple and see what is working for them as well as what’s not. He or she can communicate thoughts and feelings that one partner may have been unable to adequately and neutrally voice. A clairvoyant reader/counselor can also look to see where the masculine and feminine dynamics of each partner are in conflict or harmony.

Why would I want to do clairvoyant healings?
Whether you are aware of it or not, you already are healing people around you. Whenever you sympathize with someone, whenever you wish you could help or change or transform someone’s pain and suffering, you are healing that person. Most people have never thought of themselves as a healer or sought this out as a profession, but we all (with the exception of sociopaths) have experienced a desire to help. When we have that desire, when we feel someone else’s pain as our own, when we attempt to give them advice, when we pray for them or try to change them, when we become frustrated with them for being stuck in their lives, we are calling forth our healing energy.

This has both positive and detrimental effects on that person and on ourselves, as we will discuss in the next few chapters. When you understand the dynamics and effects of your own healing energy and abilities, you will be better equipped to make the conscious choice of what you would like to do with your energy (which dictates your mental and physical health).

You can decide whether or not you want to share someone else’s suffering and whether or not you want to take on or interfere with their karma and spiritual path. Instead of feeling helpless or drained and transmitting negative energy (in the form of worry or judgment), you can actually learn to consciously employ simple techniques that will likely have a useful effect on a person you care about.

The purpose of learning how to heal is not just to help others, but to avoid healing in ways that are inadvertently dangerous to yourself and to those around you.

If I have psychic ability, why don’t I know it?
I still marvel at the fact that I could have lived most of my life without knowing I had any psychic ability, or even knowing what clairvoyance is. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that they have the same ability that I and many of the best psychics out there have, because they mistakenly believe that if they did have that ability, they would surely know it. Well, how do you know if you have any ability? The only way is by attempting it. If you never attempted to sing, you would not know that you had a beautiful voice. If you never attempted to play the piano, you would not know that you have the ability, with training and practice, to play the piano. The same is true with clairvoyance. With knowledge of some simple techniques and a moderate dose of patience, practice, and discipline, anyone can access their clairvoyance.

Thanks to religious influences dating back to the time of the Inquisition, mainstream society has done its best to squelch any sign of psychic abilities and gifts in children (and its adult members) through techniques ranging from ridiculing and ignoring signs that a child is communicating through extrasensory means, to punishing and forbidding the child to ever speak of such matters. Between being burned at the stake in past lives and being laughed at by the people we love and depend on in this lifetime, it is no wonder that we have turned off our natural abilities to the point that we forget we even have them!

Even in today’s modern world, many of the psychics I know feel they must remain “in the closet.” Much like gay and lesbian people, many talented psychic readers and healers hide their activities, abilities, and true selves from their families, coworkers, and neighbors out of fear of being ridiculed, misunderstood, labeled, ostracized, and discriminated against. These closet psychics are some of the most dedicated, honest, loving, and concerned citizens on this planet, and it is a travesty that they feel they have to hide their good deeds in order to maintain their jobs or relationships with people who reject and fear their own spiritual abilities. I know many of these psychics. I was one of them.

Of course, there are some psychics and spiritual leaders out there who would rather maintain the illusion that they somehow have been given special gifts that set them above the average person. This is done by some to maintain power, prestige, and wealth, and by others out of ignorance. Also, many “followers” of psychic gurus prefer to believe that their designated human “God” is more powerful than they are and will do whatever they can to maintain this illusion in order to avoid taking responsibility for their own lives. Ironically (since they will tell you they are following a guru in order to reach enlightenment), this act of dependence can block them from reaching their fullest potential.

People often turn to gurus because to go it alone is sometimes a dif- ficult, lonely, and uncertain path. Many people want to believe that a guru or specific religion has all the answers because the truth that no one really knows for sure what the heck is going on out there can be really scary. Gurus and spiritual teachers can be very helpful and sometimes essential to personal growth, provided the relationship between student and teacher is balanced and healthy.

Many spiritual groups throughout the ages have sought to control information similar to that shared in this book because they feared that people would not use it ethically or responsibly. It’s my belief that people are already doing so much harm by using their abilities without awareness that far more people will benefit from understanding the information presented in this book than will misuse it. There are so many books in existence that directly address the subject of black magic, available to those with ill intentions, that there is no reason for anyone to bother trying to extract information for evil purposes from a text such as this one that is intended only to enhance people’s lives.

The greatest enemy of awareness is fear. Many people have so much fear about what is behind the door to their own personal power and freedom that they choose to remain in the dark. The path of clair- voyance is a path of personal transformation, and transformation is not always easy, as you surely know.

When you begin to open up to your clairvoyance, it is like bringing a bright lantern into an ancient cave. You may or may not like what you see. There may be breathtaking crystal formations or perfectly preserved hieroglyphics, or decaying mummies guarded by drooling, man-eating tigers! While you can dim the light or even turn it off, you can never totally forget what you saw during the period of illumination, or how it felt to see so clearly. This is one of the major reasons people shy away from exploring their psychic ability.

Sometimes during my workshops I’ll ask the audience, “If there were a stranger hiding in your house, would you want to know about it or would you rather he just stay hidden away so you wouldn’t have to deal with him and feel the fear and anxiety that might arise from the awareness that he is there?” Most people respond that of course they would want to know about this stranger so that they could protect themselves and get rid of him. I wonder how many people feel the same way about all the “strangers” in the form of spirits or foreign energies that are lurking in their auras and chakras, playing havoc with
their relationships and communication with others as well as their inner selves?

I choose to know what is really going on, no matter how ugly “it” is, so that I can choose whether or not I wish to keep “it” in my life. In this book you will learn how to turn on the light and then deal with or conquer anything you don’t wish to have in your personal space. By using the techniques presented here, your fear will diminish because you will know that you really can handle just about anything lurking in the dark.

The path of clairvoyance is one that must be undertaken by choice and free will. Undoubtedly many readers are still questioning whether they have psychic abilities, or if they have them to the extent that I suggest.

The only way I can convince you of this truth is to share the techniques that have not only been proven effective by myself, but by thousands of others. You must do the rest.

Authors Details: Debra Lynne Katz – Psychic Ability – From the book, ‘You Are Psychic’


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