You Are The Record Keepers Of The Future

Beloved masters, come and sit with us awhile as we share this special time together. Many of you say that each month you wait impatiently for the next message to come forth. Yes, we do impart information to our messengers which is not readily available to many of you. However, we are accessible to all of you at any time and in many ways. The veil between the dimensions is thinning and your extrasensory perception is being fine-tuned and reactivated. Watch for signs in the skies, we are there. Listen to the whisperings of your inner voice for we are speaking to you. Be observant and in anticipation of the many small miracles which we arrange each day for you as signs that we are near. Become attuned to the subtleties of the elements for we use these to get your attention: a soft breeze on your cheek; a waft of sweet perfume; a sudden memory of a time long past as you visit a sacred site; a candle flame or a lovely stone which shifts your awareness into another dimension.

We use all these means and many others to make you aware of our presence. Just as we are making our presence known among you, you are also making your presence known to your soul families. Groups with a common purpose are coming together all over the world and the connections are growing stronger day by day. Groups which descended from the higher realms together, and who share the same memories of those beginning times on planet Earth. You live in or are being drawn to return to the areas which hold ancient soul memories for you. Each of you also carries key frequencies for a portion of the divine blueprint that is to be reactivated in your area at this time. Many portals and star-gates into the higher dimensions have been opened, and many of the crystalline sentinels within the Earth have been reactivated and brought into balance once more. Now it is time to glean and bring forth the history of the Earth, as well as a condensed history of all the races of humanity from the beginning of time. Remember, we have told you that where you are going, the pain, suffering and failures will all be forgotten. What will be collected and recorded in the Cosmic Records are your deeds of tenacity and bravery, and your ability to move into the depths of the third dimension and emerge triumphant.

The Earth is also in the process of releasing the memories of injustice and abuse from her ancient past as she strives to return to harmony both within and without. She is now ready to release many of the secrets she holds within her bosom. Secrets which will help you reclaim and understand your origins, and which will clear up many misconceptions and untruths about the past. You were inexorably tied to the Earth as she spiraled down into the density of the third dimension, and you will make the journey back into the wondrous realm of the higher dimensions together. All of you are being directly influenced by the Earth’s mind and what is taking place on the planet. In turn, the Earth is greatly affected by the frequencies each of you convey to her. That is why we ask you to always radiate down into the core of the Earth the Light you draw forth from the higher dimensions, and then draw up into your three lower chakras the richness of the Earth to anchor and stabilize you as you strive to soar among the stars. All benefit from this interaction. We have spoken of your subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds, and we have brought to your awareness that each chakra has consciousness as well. We speak often of your soul self, Higher Self, and your Divine I AM Presence.

The unique phenomenon that is now taking place is that all of these facets of “beingness” are striving to reunite within you. You have been asked to integrate and balance your masculine and feminine attributes, as well as your mental and emotional natures. Many of you have made extraordinary progress. Now what we wish to bring into your awareness is that you are also in the process of reuniting the right and left hemispheres of your brain (which is the way it was designed to be). Once this is accomplished, wondrous things begin to happen: your creativity blossoms along with the mental agility and wherewithal to manifest your creative visions. You gain access to the levels of the brain which resonate to the frequencies of the higher dimensions, and you tap into the Light packets of wisdom and cosmic information that are stored there. The master glands within the brain are activated and you reconnect with the aspects of yourself that have lain dormant for thousands of years. This is all in preparation for the next step in the process: to help you gather the wellspring of data which will be encoded within the Essence of you, and which will become a part of your Cosmic Record. You are to be the record keepers who will take the historical records of Earth and humanity with you as you ascend to the next level of expression.

You have encoded within your memory banks the history of the first two Golden Ages, as well as Atlantis and Lemuria, and now you will add the history of the Earth to the chronicle. Allow us to give you an exercise to help with this reunification process:

Focus your consciousness in your heart and take a few deep breaths. Envision (however you perceive) a golden bubble of Light surrounding you from your solar plexus to about a foot above your head, and extending out past your shoulders approximately a foot on each side. Now focus on the Medulla Oblongata, an area within the brain where the spinal cord connects to the lower part of the brain. Through the nerve centers located there, the brain sends the impulses which control many functions within the physical body. Now, through your intent, see a smaller golden sphere forming within your brain in this area, and envision your subconscious mind moving into this sphere; then see your conscious mind joining it there; now focus on the root chakra, and will the consciousness of your root chakra to move into the sphere within your brain; then focus on the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakras, and watch as they join the others in your “Golden Light sphere of heart/mind consciousness.” (If you wish to make the exercise seem more real, give each part of your Being a form and/or color). Take a few deep breaths and observe that you cannot only sense the energy within your brain, but it seems to extend throughout the area of your third eye, heart center and solar plexus. When you are ready, ask your emotional mind to join you in your golden sphere, and then your intellectual mind. Do not be concerned, they will obey for this is what they have been waiting for. Take a few more deep breaths and then ask your Higher Self to join you; watch or sense as a change takes place. It will seem as if the area from your solar plexus to above your head has become a glowing, unified force field. Take a few minutes to become accustomed to the sensation. Then, if you feel you are ready, ask your Christ Consciousness and your I AM Presence to join you in the sphere. Allow your inner knowing to tell you how far to go in the process, or if it would be better to wait awhile between the integration of the higher levels of consciousness. Do not worry, beloveds, there is no wrong way if your heart’s desire is to reunify with the multiple parts of yourself. Center your consciousness within the golden sphere of Light, and gently move from one aspect of yourself to another as you focus on each facet of your Being. Observe how a sensation is triggered in the root chakra as you focus on that area within your brain, and so on through all the chakras and facets of “Self.” It is as if you are becoming split in consciousness (where in truth you are becoming unified), as you observe and experience in this way. Each time you do this, you will be taking the transforming energies of Light consciousness into each area of the physical vessel. It is another way to speed up the process of building your beautiful Light body. After you have focused on a particular area, in your mind say, “RETURN TO CENTER,” and sense how your consciousness returns to the golden sphere (which now seems to radiate within your heart as well as your brain). When your mind wanders or moves into unstructured, rambling thinking, make it a practice to use the command, “RETURN TO CENTER.” If you are meditating or need insight in a situation, place yourself in the center of your golden sphere, and then say, “MY NEXT THOUGHT WILL BRING ME INSIGHT.” Stay in your center with a sense of expectancy and see what happens. You may or may not get the insight you want on the first try or two, but know this: you will have tapped into the energy of the God Mind and your ability to draw forth the wisdom of your I AM Presence will expand by leaps and bounds.

Practice and see how long you can hold this “sacred space,” for it will help to unify the multiple facets of your Being more quickly as you become the master you truly are meant to be. When you are functioning in the mundane world and you are subjected to energies that are of a lower, non-loving frequency, do not judge and do not participate. Say to yourself, “RETURN TO CENTER,” and then see the energy that has been projected to you surrounded in a pink bubble of Love/Light or the Violet Flame and say, “RETURN TO SENDER.” If there are no like frequencies within you, it cannot affect you, and you lovingly return the energy to the party who originated it. The energy belongs to them, not you, and they will have to handle it in their own way by transforming it or sending it to someone else who will play the game of “cause and effect” with them. You will find that these people will gradually change for the better or move out of your life.

It is a time of miracles, my brave bearers of Light, and I bring you glad tidings. The cosmic screen of life on Earth is swiftly changing. A new Divine tapestry is emerging whereby you are once again cocreating in harmony with the master plan of this universe. Remove the blocks from your brain and the blinders from your eyes and you will see a new dreamscape. As in the beginning, hope, joy and inspiration will abound. You are remodeling your reality/home/world and because it is under construction, there is chaos; but remember that out of chaos, emerges new creation. An important event is about to take place in the area where our messenger called Ronna lives, and we wish her to convey this information to you so that you may share in the experience. However, beloveds, we would have you know that we are aware of each and every one of you, no matter where you are in the world, and that there are important events taking place, and sacred sites waiting to be activated and experienced everywhere. Join together; listen to your inner guidance; follow your intuition, and you will be led to many wondrous places, and you will be asked to participate in the miracles of transformation in the area/city/country you call home. The Earth is once more becoming a sacred planet and you are sacred representatives of our Creator.

Believe in yourselves as we believe in you, and together we will accomplish miracles in the name of our Father/Mother God. You are loved beyond measure, I AM Archangel Michael.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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