You are the In Breath of God.

Beloved masters, as you move into the dynamics of becoming harmonious, conscious cocreators with God, your I AM Presence and superconscious mind will help you to access the higher truths of the Divine plan so that you can integrate them and expand your awareness to accommodate them until they become a part of your new reality. This is the reason we are giving you (seemingly) new concepts to ponder, and an opportunity to see how they will fit into your truth/value systems.

We have often told you that some of the wisdom teachings being brought forth from the higher causal plane may be difficult to accept because they are so different from what you have accepted as your truth in the past. Remember, just because something is stated does not mean it is always true, and just because you cannot see something or prove it, does not mean it is untrue. Ask that new information be validated if you are not sure and it will be, one way or another. Always use your powers of discernment in seeking your own expanded truth. This is one of the first rules in becoming a spiritual master.

All forms of manifested creation on Earth are changing rapidly, whether aware of the process or not. Many animal species are choosing to leave the Earthly plane-their cycle of physical existence on Earth is coming to a close. Mourn the loss of their presence, but if you try to hang onto them, you will not succeed. They, too, have a date with destiny and there is a fail-proof plan in force for their evolution into higher states of existence, just as there is for yours. To further your understanding, let us continue our lessons in cosmic awareness.

All things- everything that has ever been created and everything that could ever be created exists as unmanifested potential within the radiance of the Prime Creator. Once the All-That-Is had sent out the gigantic expulsion or Outbreath of primal love/life substance needed to create a new universe, IT became an observer of the process, not a participant.

The command was, “Go forth and create new and diverse expressions of life in my name.” From the greatest to the smallest expression of God Nature, we all have been free to create, devolve, evolve, change and experience in our own unique way. You cannot comprehend what a wondrous gift this was and what an awesome responsibility. We all were given the opportunity to “Play God.” I have given you the overview of what has taken place in this universe and on Earth up to the present time. Now it is time for an expanded concept of what is presently taking place and what the future holds.

In past teachings, the Inbreath of God was described as all manifested creation being drawn back into the heart of God. Allow me to give you a more in depth picture of what is actually taking place. It is the frequencies or harmonics of the lower dimensional expressions that are being drawn-up or refined-in other words, the dimensions are gradually being refined and lifted back into higher, more balanced and harmonious frequency patterns-such as the third dimension gradually attaining fourth-dimensional resonance and the fourth dimension evolving into the fifth and so on. This is a part of the never-ending spiral of evolution-the reverse of the spiral of devolution, which was the process of manifested creation passing downward from stage to stage, further and further into density.

This is not to be viewed as a failure, beloveds, nothing to fear or feel guilty about, just part of the grand plan of Creation. It is now time for God to take an active part in the grand schematic of creation. Remember, we are talking about the Prime Creator-we (you) have always had the loving attention and assistance from the Father/Mother God of this universe, as well as all the great Beings of Light and the multitude of angelic forces. We emphasize the distinction of the “Prime Creator,” as this is important for your full understanding. The next step in the process is for the Creator to experience what we have created over these past aeons of time. The rarified streams of God Light coming forth from the center of the God Mind/Heart have been described in many ways, but no matter how they are described, you cannot begin to comprehend the magnitude and glory of what is taking place on your Earth, solar system and the Omniverse. These streams of golden, iridescent Light are gradually penetrating and affecting the outermost edges of manifested creation. However, there must be a receptacle or transformer for this energy to connect with, penetrate and refract from within. You, beloved warriors of Light, are those receptacles-you are the INBREATH OF GOD. God will breathe in the perfected essence of humanity and the Earth as IT also expands ITS consciousness to incorporate all the beauty of manifested creation-out to the edge of the Great Void. And when the process is complete, it will begin again-God-consciousness is ever expanding, ever evolving, without end.

As the lessons we present to you evolve and become more advanced, there are those who are moving into fear and doubt of Self. Let us assure you, dear hearts, all are on the march toward en – LIGHTEN – ment, no matter the circumstances of physical existence, no matter what the level of awareness, all are active participants in the grand march of evolution. Know that you are loved and treasured just as you are. Know that you are worthy of the assistance of your guides, teachers and angelic helpers. Know that you may move forward/upward as swiftly or slowly as you wish-it is your choice, but you will not be left behind. Each of you is an integral part of the whole and within you is a Divine Spark of God that will not be denied.

It is your free will choice if you decide to tarry along the way and experience more of the density of the third-fourth dimensions, or choose the path of ease and grace with the assistance of your Higher Self.

The question has been asked, “Why is the pyramid shape so important?” This is a valid and important question and we are pleased to supply the answer for your greater understanding. First, this form is symbolic: The capstone representing the Creator and then the wide base represents ITS ever-expanding refracted creations. Also, each universe and galaxy has a geometric insignia which identifies it, and the pyramid shape is the geometric pattern or insignia for your galaxy. This shape has been used, refracted and duplicated throughout your galaxy, over and over again and is recognized by visitors from other galaxies and universes.

Now, let us give you another vision using the pyramid shape as its foundation. Envision, (however you perceive) a pyramid of Light completely surrounding you, with the capstone just above your head and connecting to your eighth chakra or Soul Star Chakra as you ignite your Capstone of Light. Envision as small black X’s all the energies or fragments that you have created which no longer serve your highest good. Now see these X’s begin to march, one by one, to the edge of your pyramid and as they reach the Light, they are transmuted into Light substance. Ask that this take place in just the right way, time and measure for your highest good. Now it is time to begin to fill your pyramid of Light with new creations-what do you want in your new world of tomorrow? Remember the Universal Laws of Manifestation and be specific as you focus on the details of your new reality and ask for the highest good of all. You have faithfully built and strengthened your column of Light from your Divine I AM Presence, now you are expanding your rarified world and sphere of influence.

The second part of this experience is to envision another, inverted pyramid forming over your head with the wide base up in the atmosphere/higher realms and the capstone of Light just piercing your crown chakra and the capstone of the other pyramid. Into this inverted pyramid will flow God’s golden streams of awareness and your treasure chest of gifts-all the glorious facets of yourself from throughout this universe. You are in the midst of returning to the Oneness of Self, in preparation for the reunion of Oneness with All-That-Is. Isn’t this a most wondrous opportunity?

In response to the question by another beloved soul, “Why do you never focus on Africa or other depressed nations?” There are many beautiful, brave warriors of Light who have chosen to incarnate in every country/area of the world, no matter how depressed or oppressed these areas may be. Just because we do not often mention these places, does not mean we do not radiate our Love/Light to them and do not offer our assistance in the greatest measure possible. We are ready and willing to work with/through any and everyone who will allow us to do so. Here again, we need receptacles to anchor the Light/wisdom/information from the higher realms and there are many wonderful souls who have agreed to do so and who are performing a great service to their country and its inhabitants. Most have not gained a wide sphere of public recognition-but they are there and working diligently and effectively behind the scenes.

Your world consciousness is expanding, and what affects one area of the Earth affects it all. And so when we use one area as an example, know that it also applies in some measure to every area on the Earth. There are sacred places in every part of the Earth, the Light of the Creator is radiating down on every part and parcel of the Earth. We are present and available to you no matter what your circumstances or where you live. And quite possibly, some of you who are reading this message will agree to be the voice for your area of the world-call on us, we will answer and are most desirous to add to our ever-expanding cadre of messengers of Light. As the pressure and magnitude of God Light increases, more and more of humanity will begin to feel ITS effects.

Even as your technology, and the availability and variety of products increases, so does the stress and strain on the psyche increase. The great dramas now being played out around the Earth are all a result of humanity’s focus on the external process of living, instead of the internal focus of reconnecting with Spirit. Acquisition of wealth and material goods does not bring peace, happiness and satisfaction. Seek harmony and unity with your Spirit Self and all else will follow. Beloved ones, will you agree to be a vessel and bearer of the rarified gift of God Light now streaming down upon the Earth? Yes, you are worthy and all you have to do is agree and this magnificent gift will seek out that Eternal Spark that resides within your core/heart center. Then, you will be an example of true happiness and joy as you proceed to create your version of paradise on Earth. It is time-come, we will show you the way.

I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site

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