You Are The Higher Self Of The Fragments You Have Created

Beloved masters of Light, I bring you greetings from the Most High. Let us continue our lessons with regard to Spirit and matter, only this time we will speak in terms of the power of your thought forms and the expressions of energy you have created down through the ages through your powers of manifestation.

Just as you are fragments of a vast Oversoul which is, in turn, an individualized portion of a much greater Being of Light, cach created to manifest and experience, thereby gaining wisdom and destined to eventually be reintegrated back into the magnificence of the All That Is; so have you created fragments of yourself through your own experiments with the energies of creation.

Through trial and error, while steeped in the third dimensional density, you have fragmented your Soul-self, building extensions of yourself which you may wish to call entities, who are attached to you via threads of energy and reside in either higher or lower dimensions, depending on the frequencies of the energy you have fed them.

This is partially what is meant when we say you have many parallel selves or lives on parallel dimensions. Now, you are being told that all is being brought together, reconnected, rejoined into itself on the way back to the more refined levels of energy or creation. Therefore these parts of yourself, whether harmonious or not, are being brought into your experience, sometimes creating great joy and new awareness, but most often creating discomfort and imbalance.

We have heard many of you lament, “Why must it be so difficult to be a Lightworker? We are trying so hard, why must there be so many challenges and obstacles put in our path?” We tell you this, first of all, since time as you know it is speeding up so much, what would normally take lifetimes is happening in days and months. Since you are being reunited with the myriad parts of yourself, whether that part is steeped in the belief of lack and poverty; unworthiness or lack of love, thereby, failing to draw to you worthwhile or loving relationships; denial of creative abilities; or in being powerless and at the mercy of others; whether it is belief of violence and the battle with the dark forces; or in ill health and the inevitability of the aging process and ultimate death; regardless, you are being brought face to face with all the facets of your Soul-self.

It is inevitable, it is the path to masterhood and ascension, but we can help you to integrate these parts of yourself with more ease and grace. We can give you the means and wisdom to confront these issues from a higher vantage point, from the viewpoint of a master. You can “love” all those imperfect parts of yourself free. You can balance them before they are brought into your energy field for harmonization and reintegration.

This is the process we wish to give you to help ease the way through this transition process: Place yourself in a meditative state, definitely use a crystal to magnify the energy field around you and to enhance the energy being focused through your crown chakra. Call in your guides and teachers, the Masters and your I AM Presence, as well as enfold yourself in the Violet Transmuting Flame.

When you have completed your invocation, project your consciousness out into these other parallel frequencies. See these entities you have created, you should know what and who they are; every area in your life that is not in balance, that is causing friction, pain or keeping you off balance, out of the flow with your Higher Self, is created by an energy you have given life to down through the ages. Now some of the energies are very powerful. If you are strongly addicted in some way and cannot seem to break the addiction, this is because you have given so much energy to this being and it will do no good to fight or struggle against it. You will only feed it more energy and strengthen it by doing this.

How many times have you been told, that which you fear or struggle against you empower or draw to you? Make these energies real; see them, identify them, acknowledge them. You have tried to ignore them for so long, pretending that they do not exist, but this does not work, for eventually you validate them by yearning, via strong emotional energies, for a cessation of what they create in your life. At times you feel you are not in control of your life and this is true, dear ones. You will not be in control until you have integrated these fragments of yourself and reunited their energies with your Soul-self.

After you have identified these various energies, or entities, begin to feel the power of the Christ Energy growing in your heart center like a great golden sun. Feel this energy grow and build until it permeates your entire body and your force field or aura, then begin to project this energy toward each of these entities, in turn, filling them with golden light, Love/Light, until they are transformed. You may have to do this with each entity more than once if they are especially empowered, but when you feel you have balanced and neutralized their energies, see them being drawn toward you on a stream of Light. If they are balanced, you will draw them into your heart center and integrate them there, feeling a great sense of peace and release.

If they are not ready to be integrated, or still hold some residual, mis-qualified energy, the entity will stop at some point and not enter your force field of Light for they cannot penetrate this protective barrier you have placed around yourself until they are also of pure Light. This is how you will know that there is more work to be done. In this way, my brave ones, you will not suffer or be so distressed during these tumultuous times of transition. Just as you cannot integrate with your Higher-Self or Christed-Self until you are balanced and vibrating at a higher frequency, so can you use your new found powers to control the re-absorption of your own fractured energies.

We ask you to begin to make use of these gifts for there is no time to waste. You will either integrate these parts of yourself with ease and grace, or through trial and tribulation, but they will have to be integrated. This is the evolutionary process you are in the midst of: the ascension process first focuses on reunification, balancing and harmonizing of energies, and then frequency acceleration. You have asked for ease and grace and so we offer you these tools to facilitate a more graceful and smooth process of transition. As you become more sensitive and the veils between dimensions become thinner, you will find yourselves slipping in and out of the various realities, thereby, manifesting the highs and lows, the mood swings and the disconcerting impulses.

Many of you have blamed these on the dark forces, but believe me when I tell you, dear ones, it is not the dark forces at play here, it is all those parts of yourself that are crying for attention for they are feeling the impulse and desire for reunification, just as you are. So acknowledge them, validate them, it will not make them stronger, it will open the way for loving interaction and reintegration, not for more stress and strain for recognition. Just as you are straining toward your Higher-Self for love and wisdom and the power to reunite, so are they.

YOU ARE THEIR HIGHERSELF, you see? And so on and on it goes, up the ladder of evolution, up the spiral of awareness, inexorably drawing all the many parts of the GOD MIND slowly back toward itself. The Great Inbreathe has begun, my beloved ones, you can make the journey kicking and screaming, resisting all the way, or you can catch the wave of ascension and ride the crest, maybe a little frightened by the height and the unknown, but exhilarated and joyous, knowing you are in the arms of the Father/Mother Creator after all and so nothing can harm you. Make your peace with yourselves, dear ones, then come and join us for the ride of the Ages. You’ll never be sorry, I, Lord Michael, make you this promise. And so it is.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site

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