You Are Not Your Thoughts

Last month we touched on the interesting point of your thoughts and who is in charge of them. I mentioned that your thoughts are not real and I suggested
that you watch your thoughts. This month I will go even further and say that ‘you are not your thoughts’

Most people have an identity based upon their mind. This means that you believe you are the thoughts in your head. Everyone thinks in their own certain way. Most people believe that they are these thoughts. ‘I am fat’ ‘I am poor’ ‘I am unhappy’ “I am a carpenter” etc..

These thoughts are not you!

They originate due to external stimuli in your world. They depend on how your mind has interpreted the world around you.

you are not your thoughts

An example would be; If there were no thin people then how could you say you were fat? The word fat would not exist. Your mind compares you to a standard that you decided to accept. Your mind continually bombs you with thoughts that are based on your past and what you have inherited from your culture.

Emotions are similar. Often the emotion which comes after the thought/s are so charged with energy that it overcomes us. You believe that you are the emotion and act accordingly. Emotions are your reaction to your mind and it’s thoughts.

None of this is you!

Those of you who actually took the time to catch one or more of your thoughts this month may have already discovered something amazing.

Who is doing the catching?

Did you notice that when you do this there are two of you? If you have gone through this process you must now acknowledge that there is someone there that actually does the catching as opposed to the thinking.

Try now and for the remainder of the month to watch the thoughts in your head. Stand back and observe. You can do this for your emotions in the same way.

This time watch, without judgment, watch impartially. Whilst you do this, think about the the person who is very quietly sitting in the background doing the watching and listening. That is you, that is the true you. It is not a thought, you actually exists beyond your mind.

Next month: If you are not doing the thinking who is?

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