Different Types Of Witches

There are many different traditions in witchcraft. Here is a rundown on the different types of witches – if you know of others please let me know in the comments section below…

Kitchen Witch: It practices by home and hearth, mainly dealing with practical sides of the religion, magick, the elements and the earth.

Ceremonial Witches: Mainly use ceremonial magick (obviously) in their practices. They commonly use Qabbalistic magick or Egyptian magick in their rituals.

Satanic Witch: This doesn’t exist. Why? Witches don’t believe in Satan remember.

different types of witches

Celtic Wiches: Goes by the elements, the Ancient Ones and nature. They are usually healers or respect them highly. They work with plants, stones, flowers, trees, the elemental people, the gnomes and the fairies.

Eclectic Witch: Doesn’t follow a particular religion or tradition. They study and learn from many different systems and use what works best for them.

British Traditional Witch: A mix of Celtic and Gardenarian beliefs. They train through a degree process and the covens are usually co-ed.

Alexandrian Tradition: They are said to be modified Gardenarian.

Gardenarian Tradition: Follow a structured root in ceremony and practice. They aren’t as much vocal as others and have a fairly foundational set of customs.

Dianic Tradition: Includes a lot of different traditions in one. Their prime focus now-a-days is the Goddess. It is the more feminist side of ‘The Craft’.

Pictish Witchcraft: It’s originally from Scotland and is a solitary form of The Craft. It is more magickal in nature than it is in religion.

Hereditary Witch: Someone who has been taught the ‘Old Religion’ through the generations of their family.

Caledonii Tradition: Also known as the Hecatine Tradition, it’s the denomination of The Craft with a Scottish origin.

Pow-Wow: Comes from South Central Pennsylvania and is a system based on a 400 year old Elite German magick. They concentrate on simple faith healing.

Solitary Witch: This is one who practices alone, without a cover etc.. following any tradition.

Strega Witches: Originally coming from Italy are the known to be the smallest group in the US. It is said their craft is wise and beautiful.


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  1. The main levels of witches that I first learned when i started practicng is…

    1) Magus: Master/Teacher
    2) Maven: High Gaurdian/ Special Advanced Majicks
    3) Adept: Moderate/Advanced
    4) Kiffling: Beginner

  2. throughout my life I’ve always have strangers come up to me telling me i have powers/special energy. That they think I’m a witch, then ask if i practice this. More recently my two sisters whom I’ve told of this finally saw it for their self. My two sisters are also getting these question asked more frequently.. I’m not sure what to think/. i want to speak to someone who has more knowledge in this field.

  3. shinrick norwood

    Well I found out I was a witch/nymph when I was 5 I was able to tell and remember anything I wanted to such as history spells then my grandmother tok me out to the forest: to explore the wildlife while she just sat down and do what ever when I was finished I saw my grandmother dp the weridest thing she flew as soon as she landed I asked her what are you she said same thing you are a 100% witch I asked how then she told me that when I was born I was here first grandson so she passed on half her power to me and when she die I will gain her power and knowlege of our family days of being witches and other important things like how our family ancestors where accused f murder so they ran deep into the forest yo practice their magic and boned with nature and the 4 elements nd how we where face to face with our godess and god of our family that comes to visit each of us each 1000 yr. So I’m really glade to tell you all my secret so thankyou

  4. I feel like I’m somehow connected to the supernatural. When I was younger I dealt with a lot of paranormal things and now I can’t but I feel connected to them and want to find out more about myself and my family but I don’t really know who to ask so I came here…

  5. I think I may be a natural witch but I could be wrong.. (I’m looking for help to figure out what/who I am)

  6. Hey I just want to say that all powers you think you have from witchcraft is all demonic. I highly suggest you rebuke it all from your life and TURN AWAY from it all. Break all the generational curses too. It’s no good for anyone.


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