Wishing On Someone Else’s Star

I saw my very first shooting star tonight while I was lost in deep thought. The night sky was so beautiful with the moon at its fullest. I wished of course, that’s what we’re supposed to do when one sees a shooting star. I wished for the same thing I always do – to know real contentment and happiness.

Contentment and happiness – they seem fundamental and acquirable without much effort needed, right? Think again. Sure some people’s wishes are more specific than happiness but isn’t that the outcome if ones wish is granted? I would think so. Why do we make wishes? What evidence do we have that our wishes can be granted? Are there a magical number of times that one must wish for the same thing for it to be granted? And the question I want answered – how long is our granted wish good for? Does it have an expiration date?

As I was making my wish tonight it occurred to me that maybe I’m wishing on someone else’s star. Maybe they are getting all the contentment and happiness I’ve been wishing for myself. I look around at the people I come into contact with and ponder their level of inner happiness and contentment. Are they as happy as they appear? Are they pleased with how their lives have unfolded? Are they living in that mirage that I found myself living? Do they wish for the same things I wish for? Are they any closer to their dreams? Are they more worthy of their wishes coming true? What am I doing wrong? I find myself with more follow-up questions than I do answers. Will I know when my wish is granted? I hope so. Can I say for sure? No, for I’ve never known real happiness or contentment.

The way I dream it – I see myself feeling it from the inside – out. It feels warm, protective, serene, beautiful, loving, and patient. An amazing feeling to experience – and considering my wish is for a lifetime of this how truly charmed is that? Quite. Will my wish be granted? I’m sure working hard towards it. I can’t leave it all up to the stars. But if the star I’m wishing on is yours – please enjoy all the sweetness of it being granted and never take it for granted. Remember – we don’t know how long the wish will last.

Authors Details: Tracie Ann Robinson

Tracie Ann Robinson is a woman on a mission of self discovery. She was recently divorced having been married her whole adult life. She is now discovering, within herself and others, some of the more obvious mannerisms women have. Tracie’s Website

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