Why I Am Here

This is another one of those Age old questions which people have been asking since the beginning of time. The answer to this question is multifaceted.

The first answer would be if you want to be with GOD in Heaven, then act like him on Earth. Simple but true.

The second answer to this question is to be the embodiment of unconditional love on Earth.

The third answer would be to complete your seven levels of initiation and become hence an Ascended Master and therefore break the wheel of reincarnation and achieve liberation.

The fourth answer is to become an integrated Ascended Master which means, embodying your Mighty I Am Presence and/or Monad on Earth not just in your Spiritual body, but also in your mental, emotional, etheric, physical bodies and in your environment and Earthly Civilization.

The fifth answer to this question is to be of service, and help others do the same, in the way and manner that you feel most guided to help; everyone has a puzzle piece in GOD’s Divine Plan, and a part of our purpose is to become aware of what our puzzle piece is, and what is the best way to be of service. If any of you, my beloved readers, feel stuck in this area, I would guide you to read my book “Your Ascension Mission: Embracing Your Puzzle Piece.” This book has been written to help guide you to stimulate a greater awareness of this aspect within self. The first stage of everyone’s purpose is to become whole within self, and to become right with self and right with GOD. It is only when these are achieved that true service of others can take place. Part of this process is to become a cause of your reality rather than an effect, to become a Master rather than a victim.

The sixth purpose for being here is to demonstrate egolessness, or to demonstrate Sai Baba’s famous statement, “GOD equals Man minus ego.”

The seventh reason you are here is to bring Heaven to Earth, not only within self, but to do everything you can to help manifest a fifth dimensional society on the Earthly plane.

The eighth reason you are here is not only to demonstrate Godliness and practice the Presence of GOD in big ways, but also in an infinite number of small ways. By this I mean: (greeting your neighbor, taking care of your garden, being kind to animals, smiling at people on the street, being friendly to the bank teller and grocery clerk, cleaning your house, helping the elderly person across the street, picking up trash off the ground even if it isn’t your house). I think you catch my drift here. Your purpose in life isn’t necessarily to just focus on something big. It is also all the moments in between.

The ninth answer to this question is to not compare your Spiritual Path to others, and to not embrace another person’s puzzle piece. Not everyone is supposed to be a channel, public speaker, another healer or Spiritual Teacher. Not everyone is meant to be famous and rightly so. Some people are here to raise their children, and serve in what seems like a smaller way but in truth, is a big way.

The tenth answer to this question, and maybe most important, is to manifest and demonstrate Melchizedek/ Christ/ Buddha Consciousness in your every thought, word, deed and motive.

If you live each moment properly, always choosing GOD and not fear, separation and lack of love then your entire life will unfold in a Godly and Divine manner! Authors Details:Dr Joshua David Stone

Dr Stone has a PhD. in transpersonal psychology and is a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Los Angeles.
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