Why I Am Here

Why I am here is another one of those age old questions that people have been asking since the beginning of time. The answer to this question is complex and multifaceted. Attempts to answer it have come from Religion, spirituality and science.  I’m going to skip the science as this is a spiritual website and delve into some of the possible answers.

A simple answer from a religious perspective is “If you want to be with GOD in Heaven, then act like him on Earth.  Bring Heaven to Earth, not only within yourself, but do what you can to manifest a society with a higher consciousness on the Earth.

why i am here

Spiritual Perspective

From a spiritual perspective which encompasses the religious reason above, the answer is to be the embodiment of unconditional love on Earth. Complete your seven levels of initiation and become an Ascended Master, breaking the wheel of reincarnation and achieve liberation.  That means embodying your  “I Am” presence and/or Monad on Earth not just in your spiritual body, but beyond that into  your mental, emotional, etheric bodies. Manifest and demonstrate Melchizedek/ Christ Consciousness / Buddha Consciousness in your every thought, word, deed and motive. Allow this to shine through in your physical body and your environment on earth.

Why I Am Here – Service

For many people and I would say that this is applicable in some way to ALL people. The answer is to be of “service.”  This also involves and extends to helping others do the same. Remember – you can only be of service in the way and manner that YOU feel most guided to help. It’s like saying we each have a piece of the puzzle and we are each part of the overall divine plan. Part of your purpose is to become aware of what your puzzle piece is, and what the best way to be of service then entails.

Being “of service” doesn’t mean leaving your family to feed the starving children in Africa. (unless you feel called to do so) It means doing the best you can in the area of influence that YOU have. No matter what you decide is your path it always starts with becoming  whole within yourself.

Life Purpose

Your purpose in life isn’t necessarily to just focus on something big. It is also all the moments in between. Practice the presence of GOD in big ways, but also in the infinite number of small ways. By this I mean: greeting your neighbor, taking care of your garden, being kind to animals, smiling at people on the street, being friendly to the bank teller and supermarket clerk, cleaning your house, helping the elderly person across the street, picking up rubbish off the ground even if it isn’t your house. Manifest the good that is your possibility.

Learn how to BE and to be the cause in your reality rather than an effect. Be a master not a victim. In terms of personal development  your purpose for being here is to demonstrate the “no ego’ state. Sai Baba’s said it famously, “GOD equals Man minus ego.”

Individual Path – Why I Am Here

Last but not least DO NOT  compare your Spiritual Path to others, – do not embrace another person’s puzzle piece. Not everyone is supposed to be a channel, public speaker, healer or Spiritual Teacher. This is something I see frequently when people discover spirituality. Not everyone is meant to be famous either. Some people are here to raise their children, and serve in what seems like a smaller way but in truth, this is a big way.

If you live each moment properly by being present and choosing the path of Love/ God and abundance instead of fear, separation and lack – you will soon lean how magnificent your life can be. Let me know what you think your answer to the question “Why I am here?” is. Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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