What Is The Spiritual Path?

The Spiritual Path cause confusion for many people but it doesn’t have to be this way. Relax and enjoy life as you delve into your inner world.

In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired. In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.
Lao Tsu

Tao is the Chinese version of the spiritual path. What do we have to drop? Our attachments our fears and personal dragons.

Lost In Spirituality

I met a lady who explained to me that she was a little lost. She is interested in spirituality and had decided to go on the spiritual path. She was very firm and states, that now is the time she is ready.

What is the spiritual path? I asked her. She wasn’t sure.

the spiritual path

She knows she has to be on it because she had recently discovered that she is interested in spiritual things. However she is complaining to me that she just doesn’t know how to get onto the spiritual path.

I find this interesting because I have seen this often and here is why she is lost. Like so many other other people she is interested in the topic, ‘spirituality.’

That means that she likes meditation, she is happy to look at what is on display at the local New Age Fair and she is interested in discussions on the meaning of existence. Most importantly she has a yearning and a longing that needs to be filled and intuition tells her she’s getting warm when the subject turns to things of a spiritual nature.

Her dilemma is what to do? This is where so many people go wrong. The question is correct because some ‘doing’ is required.

Look Inside

The solution lies within yourself not in the outside world.

It’s at this point in life that many people look to do something like.

1. Become a healer.

2. Sell a New Age product.

3. Sell a New Age product on the Internet.

4. Wear different clothing often with more colour.

4. Look for something to save the world with.

The confusion comes because people think they have to do something that is of service, in other words they have to be involved in fixing other people to be on the spiritual path.

This is true for some people only.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Firstly. The goal of the spiritual path is enlightenment.

Enlightenment means to be filled with light. The light of spirit, source, god whatever you wish to call it.

Let me explain how you proceed on the path to enlightenment.

The doing part is correct, you need to do something.

1. You need to focus on yourself.

2. You need to concentrate on making you a better person.

3. You need to heal yourself.

To become enlightened and therefore be filled with light requires you to empty yourself of your fears and emotional attachments and dilemma’s.

That leaves a space and in this space the light of your higherself can enter. To be filled with this light means enlightenment.

Between where you are today and enlightenment has many stages. It may take you more than this lifetime.

Work On The Following

You need to work on the following.

1. Awareness of your thought process, monitoring what you think.

2. Being aware. Using your senses to be in the now as opposed to living in a dream like state of thoughts that are in the past or future.

3. Monitoring what makes you emotional and why. Turning inward when emotions are raised and focusing on yourself instead of the other person or circumstance.

4. Using your outer world as a reflection or guide to discovering your inner world.

5. Understanding the difference of when you are in control and when your ego is in control.

6. Using your will to stop your ego and maintaining this state so that you have the space for enlightenment.

It is during the process of your own enlightenment that you help other people. You do this by being an example to them. You lead by becoming enlightened yourself and as others come into contact with you they will benefit from your energy and your light.

No matter where you are or what you do, you have the ability to influence everyone that you come into contact with.

All you have to do is shine. Let them soak in your light. If you want help with this contact me here through this website.
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