What Is The Law Of Attraction?

It’s a common question that I get asked. “What is the law of attraction”? The easiest and quickest answer is – like attracts like. You attract people and opportunity just like you are, energetically. This shows you who and what you are – it’s your reflection, your feedback mechanism and this gives you the opportunity for adjustment. Many people, myself included, believe that your main purpose as a human being is to experience and create. This is where the law of attraction comes in, it’s the governing overview of the creation process.

When people argue against law of attraction, most frequently they say: “If I create my own reality, why on earth did I create this”? Sometimes it’s phrased: “I can’t be creating my reality because I never would have chosen this”. If it were that simple we would all have exactly what we want very quickly, it’s not that simple.

what is the law of attraction

How You Create

You create the reality you experience with your intent, thoughts, feelings and emotions. You are an energy being so these in turn create a tone or a vibration that acts as a magnet. This magnet draws to you, similar people, experiences or events that will give you more of the same thoughts, feelings and emotions. The detail around this is complex, in particular how to control it.

Your dominant vibration draws situations of similar vibration to you. Most of the time you are creating unconsciously attracting what you already are – instead of what you want. Think about this – because it has serious implications. It happens this way because you are not consciously aware of what you are thinking or what you believe. Your emotions push you to make unconscious choices, often different to what you want deep down inside. Here are nine ways you use the law of attraction to create unconsciously:

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1. Habit

Current research in neuro-psychology says you have 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and over 90 percent of these are the same thoughts you thought yesterday. They are often the same thoughts your parents had. You seldom examine or question the random, repeating small voice in your head. Often your thought’s limit you by repeating things like “this is the only way to do this”, “this is just the way it is”, “this can’t happen to a person like me”, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, lucky enough to do . . .” and “everybody knows . . .”

2. Ignorance

You may not even know that you have a better choice – any choice at all. Until you start learning about deliberate creation you may feel like you are a victim of circumstance, of randomness, or of a judgemental God. None of this is true. Learning deliberate creation is empowers you because you will soon see that you can influence EVERYTHING in your world. You can affect and influence everything you experience. I don’t mean that you have a choice in regard to your response – that is true after the event – but you can go much further and deeper. You can control the balance of your life – what experiences come to you. This takes practice and awareness, mastery of particular techniques but it can be done and it’s not as difficult as you may think.

3. Outside Input

How often have you heard comments stated as “truth”, like “if something can go wrong, it will”, “the change in temperature is causing everybody to catch a cold”, “because the economy is bad, jobs are hard to get now” “you’re too old – nobody your age ever did that”, “your body will deteriorate as you get older”and so on. The expectations and opinions of those around you – friends, family, the media, the world can have a massive effect on you – either positive or negative shaping your thoughts and emotions. Think about the advertisements you are influenced by, they try to make you believe “everybody has . . . “, or “everybody needs . .” The idea’s around you and the culture you live in, all perpetuate what you take as truth. In reality, truth can be what you define it to be – it’s unique to each of us. What you think is what you get.

 4. Selective Observation

Whatever you spend time focused on – including any internal condition or state that you are in – brings more of the same. This is what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because you are untrained you use your mind unconsciously, shifting through thousands of interactions to find what justifies your ideas, beliefs and expectations about the world as you believe it to be. Then you say, “See? I knew it would be like that”

If you believe all supermarket cashiers are rude, you won’t notice all the “other” occasions they were pleasant. The more you think about this – and you will think a lot about it if it generated emotion – the stronger it’s vibration will become. The next time you go shopping you will unconsciously move toward the cashiers most likely to be rude. Even if nothing is said, you will be anticipating some sort of insult and may find it from nothing.

5. Beliefs

A belief is a habit of thought. It’s a series of thoughts you keep thinking until it becomes a paradigm, a filter, through which you view and relate to the world. This is necessary as it acts as a short cut enabling you to filter through the masses of information your senses are assaulted with every moment of the day. The beliefs that limit you, are the ones that you should target, to change – like any thought, these limiting beliefs can be changed.

An attitude that leans toward recognition that your beliefs are just  thoughts about a thing – not an absolute, unchangeable truth about that thing. Most of your beliefs are below your conscious awareness. Anything that sounds like the following will be a limiting belief. “I can’t do that, I’m not skilled, talented, rich, lucky enough”. “I have to work hard to make money.” “Easy come, easy go.” “No pain no gain.” “Life is hard”.

6. Momentum From The Past

When it comes to manifesting something physical you experience a delay. From the time you form intent, think and generate enough energy to the time you experience your creation can take a while. So when you change your thinking, belief or direction you will still be experiencing the physical product of what you set in motion in the past. The important thing to remember is that the thoughts you are thinking today create your future. It is not inevitable that things will stay the same. If you think that it’s only a belief. You can choose from this moment on – what you want in your future.

7. Other Thought Forms

When you are vibrating with a particular belief you will attract thought forms that are vibrating at the same rate. This can be from other people, non physical entities and thought form energy that is attached to a location. This will escalate what you are experiencing now and has the potential to escalate your experience quickly. You might feel out of control, overcome with emotion or overwhelmed. When you have mastered this and experience more positive than negative you will attract other thought forms to support your positive beliefs – this promotes feeling lucky and you may find you experience wonderful synchronicity.

8. Past Life Karma /Parallel Life Bleed Through

In the theory of reincarnation it’s believed you make choices about what you want to experience before you are born on this plane. Karma which is the influence of your out of balance emotion pushes you to re-balance your current life through the presentation of certain experiences. I believe as do some Physicists that all time is simultaneous and you are living all your lives at the same time, right now. This is why you can develop the ability to view these lives – it just appears that you are going to the past or future. You may think that’s a mind-boggling concept but once you delve into this subject you may like I do come to see this is the only or best possibility.

At times, usually brief and spontaneous, you can sometimes become aware of ‘another self’ and you can find yourself feeling and sensing through that person’s senses. That’s an amazing experience and well worth pursuing. You can make a conscious choice about how much of this you allow into your experience of life.

9. Subconscious Agreement To Experience A Particular State

You are an eternal being and your purpose is to experience the joy of life, to create and express through your individuality and free will. You choose some experiences and they may seem less than pleasant in the short term – but how else can you know that experience? When you choose an illness, poverty, or extreme circumstances in this or another lifetime – there are lessons to be learnt. These lessons are learnt through the experiences you have – that other people cannot learn, including achievement and accomplishment through adversity. Be aware that spiritually you have made a choice and you are always free to make another choice.

Here is more on How To Use The Law Of Attraction

If you want to delve deeper into your ability to control the law of attraction and to manifest you will need to exercise some of the natural faculties that you posses. Please see the my online “Speed2Enlightenment” workshop or contact me for personal coaching. Let me know how the law of attraction has worked for you, what have you consciously created? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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