What Feng Shui Space Clearing Can Do for You

Feng Shui Space clearing is a powerful way to remove unwanted energy from your space and to fill your home with vibrant, positive chi. Some common situations in which space clearing is recommended include:

  • When you move into a new home or office, to clear any negative “predecessor chi”
  • Following significant life changes (such as marriage, or the birth of a child)
  • If you are planning to sell your home, and want to entice buyers
  • When you have been experiencing a period of bad luck, stress, or anxiety, to clear those vibrations from your space
  • If you have been feeling stuck or hopeless about some aspect of your life
  • When you want your home to have a clean and welcoming energy for visitors
  • Any time you want to feel that you are making a fresh start

space clearing

The idea of purifying and blessing a space through ritual is as old as time. As the popularity of feng shui has spread around the globe in recent years, and people have become more aware of the intimate connection between their own energy and that of their homes and offices, interest in space clearing has increased as well.

Feng Shui Space Clearing

Here’s a quick summary of the most common elements of space clearing, and why each is important.


Space clearing ceremonies are often done at the new or full moon. Other good times are at the change of seasons, the new year, or a birthday, or any day that has personal significance for you or that is astrologically auspicious. Timing your ceremony to a significant date on the calendar and/or to coincide with the moon cycle helps to strengthen your connection with natural cycles and energies.


Space clearing is different from just cleaning up your house. You are honouring your home, life, and family, and these deserve to be treated ceremoniously, with focused awareness and clear intention. Simple and heartfelt ceremonies are more powerful than elaborate rituals from which you feel detached. Don’t try to perform a space clearing ceremony when you will be rushed, anxious, or distracted. Ceremony doesn’t necessarily mean solemnity, however, so it’s okay to have fun. Joy and celebration are highly positive emotional vibrations that bring vitality to your space.

Invoking Divine Assistance

Ask for guidance and assistance from whatever guides, spirits, angels, saints, or deities are appropriate to your spiritual practice. Call on the guardian spirits of the house and of the earth, air, water, and sky to be with you and help you. Why do a space clearing ceremony on your own when you can enlist higher powers to assist you?


Fresh flowers and/or incense bring positive energy into your space. Often a space clearing ceremony will begin with the lighting of incense and placing fresh flowers into a vase or bowl of water.

Percussive Sound

Sound vibrations help to loosen stale, stuck energy. You can use a rattle, bells, drums, even bang on a metal cook pot, to shake things up. The more noise you make, the better. Walk through your entire house or focus on one problem area where stuff and clutter has piled up-a sure sign of stuck energy in that area. Rinse your hands under running water when you are done, so none of that yucky old energy sticks to you.


The smoke from smouldering sage leaves is a powerful energetic cleanser. You can buy dried sage “smudge sticks” at most New Age stores. Light the end, then gently blow out the flame to leave the embers still glowing and smoking. Hold the smudge stick over an ashtray and carry it through the space you are clearing. You can smudge yourself, too, while you are at it: pass the smoke up and down the front and back of your body, and make sure to get the top of your head, too.


Harmonious sounds bring a lively, uplifting chi to your space after the old, negative energy has been cleared out. Put on a CD of beautiful instrumental music, or play a flute, guitar, or other instrument as you walk through your entire house.


End your space clearing ceremony with a blessing. This may include written wishes for each area of the ba gua placed in red envelopes throughout the house or collected on a home altar, or it could be as simple as a heartfelt prayer of gratitude on behalf of your home and family. If you have a CD of sacred chants or blessings, you could play it for a few minutes both before and after your ceremony.

There are many different ways to do a space clearing, and entire books have been written on the topic. If you like spontaneity and improvisation, you may prefer to make up a ceremony of your own. If you prefer to follow a more traditional method, there are many resources available, including Christan Hummel’s “Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit” (see “Recommended Resources,” below).

Clean & Tidy

Ideally, your home should be clean and tidy before you begin any kind of space clearing ceremony. If you have a monster clutter problem, however, space clearing can be used to loosen up the old energy that is clogging up your home. This will make it easier to get started with your clutter clearing efforts. Getting rid of your clutter will shake a lot more energy loose, so you’ll probably want to do another space clearing when you are done.

As we move into the busy holiday season, this is a good time to begin planning a space clearing ceremony for your home. Whether you wish to do this in the days before family arrive to celebrate a holiday with you, or after the December holidays to help you get ready for a New Year, a space clearing ceremony is a wonderful way to cherish yourself, your family, and your home.

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